Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Past Singapore

The VolvoOceanRace boats, well 5 out of 6, have passed Singapore and now sailing the NE monsoon winds towards the Vietnam coast.  
Sanya Lan is still sailing in the Malacca Strait, but luckily has good winds and is making good progress to pass Singapore as well. 

The Virtual Volvo Game is going well. The leaders have bought themselve a forward position ahead of the  real boats. While the group of No Money Sailors, that are sailing the basic boats without the  bought additional options, are closer sailing to the real boats to make it all more realistic. The  first group 0$ Sailors have passed Singapore also, but I have still some 100 Nm to go; about the  same position as Sanya Lan.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Difficult Sailing in Malacca Strait

It looks Sailing is difficult in a straight line; Sunday 29 January around 04:00 GMT
The VolvoOceanRace has progressed well in the Andaman Sea and have for a day entered the Malacca Straits. Skippers had already expected that the winds  would be weak and variable in the Strait to make sailing somewhat more of a challenge, especially if you are willing to win in a Sailing Race. 

Add to that the effect of the currents, I guess you get what Camper and Azzam on the image are feeling the pain off. 

Telefonica leading and at this moment sailing  South with around 12 kts boat speed, thus increasing their lead on Camper!

To follow the Sailing through the Malacca Strait closely, look at the tracker and click the red Live button for a 1 min update. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sanya Lan has overcome the Doldrums.

According the latest message, I understand that Sanya Lan has overcome the Doldrums and now making good speeds in a Westerly breeze.

The most important message is that progress looks good to make it in time to rejoin the other boats in the Fleet before the Start of Leg 3 part 2.

For me, this post, is also to check how to embed a film in my post. {checked it and it is working fantastic, for me at least :) }

Saturday, 14 January 2012

START Leg 3 VolvoOceanRace(Game)

The In-Port Race in Abu Dhabi offered and exciting and beautiful show of world class sailing. 

Abu Dhabi In-Port Race,  not too far before the Finish

Today Saturday 14the January 2012 will be the START of both the VolvoOceanRace and the VolvoOceanRaceGame. 

Leg 3 will bring the boats via the Straits of Hormouz, along the Indian Subcontinent southern point, and Sri Lanka into the channel between Malaysia and Island of Sumatra. After passing Singapore, it will go to the Finish in Sanya, China. see the route description Leg 3

The VolvoOceanRace will start at 10:00 GMT with a circuit in front of the Abu Dhabi harbour before setting sail to the loading point for the V70 boats, near Sharjah. 

The VolvoOceanRaceGame will start at 11:00 GMT from a starting point in front of the Abu Dhabi harbour. These boats are more courage's and will sail the whole leg themselves!

Fair winds to all :)  

For a review of the scorecard so far have a look at the TAB above with the proper name. 
A new Map for Leg 3 is available under the TAB progress map. It will show the daily position of my boat in the VolvoOceanRaceGame, and the leader of the   V70 boats (occasionally a indication for all V70 boats). 

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Finished My Leg 2 in Abu Dhabi

HURRAH, Finished the VolvoOceanRaceGame with my boat Paradise :)

It was an "interesting" race with some nice winds and some moments of desperation due to wind shifts and wind calms. Anyway I arrived safely and no problems with the pirates. 

My place is 31374, of about 160,000 registered boats. Not too bad considering sailing the basic boat without any additional options. I am sailing for The No Money Sailors and we have a lot of fun. 

Next activity for the virtual sailing will be the Leg 3 to start around 

The Real boats have indeed all arrived in Abu Dhabi as well. Today some of the VOR sailors will  participate in a dhow sailing race around AbuDhabi harbour. The In-Port race on 13th January will be the next event counting for the Scoreboard. 

It is GOOD, to read that Sanya Lan has repaired her rig and most likely will start sailing to the meeting point in the Indian Ocean to catch some valuable points for the scoreboard.