Tuesday, 17 July 2012

VORG is Finished , LIVESKIPPER continues !

VORG 2011-2012 Certificate of Completion of World Tour

A certificate was received for the completion of the Tour around the Globe in the Volvo Ocean Race Game 2011-2012. Thanks a lot. It was a long tour, about 9 months, but luckily with some nice rests at the intermediate cities. 
So apart from sailing, the tour brought also some cultural "interesting" events!

Now the VORG is finished for next 2 odd years so NEXT is.......

LiveSkipper  , the BEST virtual sailing simulator on the  Internet. It is FREE , contrary to the VORG and it has regular  sailing race through the years. Most important however is: LiveSkipper has a good scheduler, so you can sail   proper during the night and  still have apart from a good sailing progress a Healthy SLEEP. 

Try it out , you will be surprised on the  easy of sailing, however, to win a race you will have to bring in some experience in Sailing, sail selection and interpretation of the real weather systems. 

Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012 is over!

Video van virtual Boats in VORG

This video shows (Lost the video)  how the boats sailing virtually in the VORG choose their routes from Start to Finish in the sequential legs.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

PUMA's victory in In-Port Race Galway, VolvoOceanRace.

PUMA , winner in In-Port Race in Galway.
The scoreboard for the Overall Podium was already settled, but the win in the In-Port series was still up  for  grabs. There were still 4 boats that could become winner in this serie.

In an exciting Sailing Race, where Camper and AbuDhabi has a fast start, it was Puma on the 1st leg that advanced to take the first Mark. They did not look back, well actually they did to assure themselves that their advantage was growing with every leg. Puma sailed a flawless In-Port Race and won.
Camper made a clever move on the one but last legs and passed Groupama , who on the last 100 meters also was passed by Telefonica.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

A compilation of the Toughest Moments during the "VolvoOceanRace 2011-2012" has been made, see video above.

But lets hope that conditions are not that harsh during the last Event of the "VolvoOceanRace 2011-2012" -- The In-Port Race in Galway. 

This In-Port Race in Galway will be held Saturday 7th July  starting at 12:00 GMT.
As normal this Sailing race is visible live in the internet on the VolvoOceanRace main page. 

There are theoretically still 4 boats that can make victory in the Overall In-Port Race ranking, so it could become a hard fought battle for the win. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Camper Winner in VolvoOceanRace Leg9

Though CAMPER did not round Fastnet Rock first, later she would win the LEG9.
Camper had a terrible start in Leg9, she did not round the Fastnet Rock as the first, but ultimately she managed to sail in  front and win the last LEG9 of the Volvo Ocean Race in Galway.
Groupama finished in 2nd in the Leg9 but that brought her enough points to take the OVERALL WIN IN THE VOLVOOCEANRACE 2011-2012!

Puma filled the last place on the Podium and has lost the change for the 1st and 2nd   place in the Overall.

The Scorecard is sorted, as the one  scoring event In-Port race in Galway will give 6 points to the winner and 1 point to the last boat, while the difference between boats is now 6 points or more. So just finishing the In-Port race will be enought to take the present Overall scoring position; for the scorecard see the TAB Scorecard in the  top of my blog.

The virtual player for VOR is also comming to an End with Leg9 Finish. What to do next?

My advice is to switch to LiveSkipper virtual sailing simulator. It is a sailing game that has races all through the years, has a better interface as VORG, better tools to plan your route as well and most of all LiveSkipper has a good scheduler ! So you can sail optimal results, while also enjoying a good sleep!!!
I have made a comparison of some virtual sailing games and my conclusion is that LiveSkipper is the BEST.

Monday, 2 July 2012

VolvoOceanRace Last Leg9 to Galway

All 6 Boats in the VolvoOceanRace have start the Last Leg9 from Lorient to Galway, Ireland.
It will be a very short race, for Ocean sailors that is. The reporting of progress is done on a minute frequency so you can at any moment see who is first etc.
The winds are SouthWesterly and pretty strong , so the fleet is having a good speed of around 20 kts.
Above a video impression of the Highlights of the starting circuit in Lorient, for a full version see the link in my Video page TAB above.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

START last LEG9 VolvoOceanRace to Galway.

Groupama showed once more their qualities in winning the VolvoOceanRace In-Port Race in Lorient , their hometown. Groupama is now 25 points ahead of Puma and have a good chance to win the Overall VolvoOceanRace. 

See the Highlights in which Camper lost the Victory by a wind shift in the last leg, where Puma lost because of a problem in changing sails and where Telefonica once more did not impress. 

Today Sunday 1st July 2012 at 11:00 GMT will be the START of Leg 9 from Lorient to Galway. 
Leg 9 Starting circuit 

It will be possible to follow this live on the VOR  website.