Thursday, 25 December 2014

Vestas Wind wrecked Boat cleared from tropical reef.

Would love to see Vestas Wind sailing again in the VolvoOceanRace, not in Leg 3 but with some good efforts maybe in Leg 4. 

A major step towards that is made by salvaging the Boat from the reef it got grounded on, some 200 Nm North_East of Mauritius. 

The Boat is now on a container ship heading to Malaysia and no doubt it will help to prepare a VO65 boat by re-use of suitable parts and lets hope they will be able to join in Sanya. 

The complete story can be found in the VOR website or you may use following link. 

Note: I am always sad, when I see people taking too many risks by standing on a boat while lifted. My safety rule is: no persons on or below a lift!. To many people have lost their live or got seriously injured by falling objects, breaking slings, cables or tilting cranes. 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

VolvoOceanRace Leg 2 finishes in ABU DHABI

Team Brunel has taken the Victory in VolvoOceanRace Leg 2 from Cape Town to Abu Dhabi, ahead of Dongfeng and AbuDhbai teams. They were the first to leave the Start circuit in Cape Town, and the first to finish but not in the lead for the whole Leg. However Brunel were always amongst the leaders all the race, but it was far from easy to win.

Team Brunel takes Victory in AbuDhabi

This VOR version is the first to completely sail this Leg2, as last time the boats sailed to the secret harbour on the Maldives and got shipped to AbuDhabi. So it is as many said unknown territory concerning the best sailing strategy. 

First there was the Cape of Good Hope to pass and area with changing and sometimes calm winds. This time a depression gave them good winds to speed to the East, keeping clear from the Ice-gate. The Africa exclusion zone kept the boats East of Madagascar and Mauritius but on track with a cyclone. Strong winds beat the leaders but it was all not to serious.

That was the grounding of the Vestas Wind Boat. Luckily the crew is all safe and un-hurt , but the Boat is lost. They hit an shallow/reef and got stuck some 200Nm north of Mauritus. I learned that it was human error by not zooming in sufficiently on the electronic cards, that apparently did show these shallows. Now the team is trying to construct a new VO65, but that will not be in time to start Leg 3.

The Results in AbuDhabi
1. Team Brunel                     23d 16h 25m 20s
2. Dongfeng Race Team       23d 16h 41m 40s
3. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing  23d 19h 8m 15s
4. MAPFRE                            24d 11h 18m 18s
5. Team Alvimedica              24d 21h 29m 23s
6. Team SCA                         25d 06h 23m 34s
Team Vestas Wind - did not finish 

The Overall classification has now 3 teams leading all with equal 4 points. 

The Start for Leg 3 from AbuDhabi to Sanya, China, will be on Saturday 3rd January 2015. The In-Port race in AbuDhabi will be on the Friday before, on 2nd January 2015. 

Wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Edges of the Water is the worst danger for a skipper.

The worst nightmare for a skipper is to ground his Boat, not to talk of the Navigator. It happened to Vestas Wind sailing in the VolvoOceanRace after properly validating the Mauritius Mark. 

Vestas wind grounded 

Sailing just ahead of Alvimedica, they sailed East of the Cargados Carajos Shoals , where the first 3 boats, Abu Dhabi, Brunel and Dongfeng due to their advance and the changing windconditions sailed West of these Shoals. Vestas Wind was sailing east close along Ile de Sud, too close apparently as they grounded with a 19Nm Boatspeed. The Boat turned 180 degree and got stuck with the stern. The dagger-boards and rudders were all broken in the accident. 
Alvimedica, suspended temporary the racing to assist Vestas Wind when required. After the crew were in safety, Alvimedica resumed the Leg 2 race to AbuDhabi; a recalculation of the time lost in the rescue assistance will be made by the R.C. 

Luckily none of the crew were injured. Later in the Night the crew could wade through knee deep water unto a dry part of the reef and later picked of by a RIB of the rescue services and brought to the Isle de Sud, which has limited accomodation. 
Today, I read that all crew has arrived safely at Mauritius, with the fishing vessel "The Eliza", (reason I published the accident in my blog). They have secured their boat, removed pollutants as oil and fuel and taken valuable parts of the Boat with them. 
The Crew is said to travel to AbuDhabi, where a detailed briefing will be done. 

Further trials will be made to salvage the Boat and if possible to repair it. This might however not be fast enough to allow Vestas Wind to start on Leg 3 of this VolvoOceanRace. 

Saturday, 29 November 2014

VOR fleet passes Mauritius Mark

The Boats in the VolvoOceanRace fleet have just passed Mauritius and now sailing fast to the North on strong Easterly winds.

The image shows the daily progress in red of the VOR leading Boat and in blue for my Boat Paradise sailing virtual in LiveSkipper. (also under TAB Progress)  Till now, I was able to sail along or even a little ahead of the VOR fleet, but in reaching conditions the new VO65 is faster than my Imoca60 boat.

daily progress for VOR boats and My Paradise boat (LiveSkipper)
The spread has suddenly increased which is typically a signal of speeding up and the first to approach the better winds, can make a big step forward and increase its leaing distance. Maphre is in the lead, which might be a crucial and Leg determining lead. Their performance in Leg2 outstretches their performance in Leg1 with miles!.

The boats in the back of the pack, should be careful not to loose contact with the leaders, there is in these wind conditions little they can do about it though.

The Boats can not move to the West , because of the African exclusion zone, and are bound to sail Norht or maybe a little NE, which is not to bad considering the finish in Abu Dhabi.

Friday, 21 November 2014

VOR: one step forward, two steps backward?

It still stays problematic with the New VOR Website , which sometimes looks like a puzzle for information. 

VOR fleet leaving Cape Town
But the Start of VolvoOceanRace Leg 2 in Cape Town went alright. 

Where last Month some improvements were made in the VOR web-site, e.g. An extra button for RACING related issues in the Main Menu on Top of the pages, some keywords in those confusing tiles, 


Where is the Main Menu?

would that be the South-African influence, the whole Main Menu has been removed from the pages. 
It looks more and more like the VOR webmaster tries to pester their visitors to the point that the visitors stop coming; and the web-master can have his/her nap on the office?

Luckily the Main Menu has not disappeared ,

There is the Main Menu!

it is just hidden (like many other information is properly hidden), as if it was not meant to be seen and used for easy surfing on the VOR web-site. 

To get the Main Menu, you have to click the Menu icon(the icon with the 3 lines on right side). OK now we can at least find the main parts of the web-site and find some info on the still on-going VolvoOceanRace

The sailing is still on-going as it does needs only the Sailing Boat, the water, the wind and an experienced Sailing crew. 
The Boats sailing still close together, sailing SE direction as the winds look stronger to the South. 
The progress can be followed in my TAB Progress, where I also plot the progress of my Virtual Boat sailing a 9Pack RtW race in LiveSkipper, for the time being I am still sailing ahead of the VOR  fleet.

The BIG moment will come to watch for , when to turn the bow to the North heading to the Finish. 

The exciting Start of Leg 2, with a close battle in the Cape Town harbour, can be seen in a Video on Youtube; a summary of Highlights is also available; all Videos' can be found nicely listed under my TAB Video.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

VolvoOceanRace Leg 2 starts TODAY with some course changes!

Today, Wednesday 19 November 2014 at 16:00 UTC the VolvoOceanRace will continue with the Start of Leg 2 in Cape Town.
The VOR website give some details on the Start and the starters circuit. That is still identical to the Map shown in my previous blog post. The start event will be live on internet either the VOR website or Youtube.

VOR Leg 2 Course with sailing Marks.

After this Start circuit, the Boats will sail into the Open Waters heading to AbuDhabi. But there are a lot of racing obstacles on route, even some that are different from the ones mentioned before. Therefore I feel obliged to inform you on what I received , concluded as last details on the route of Leg 2.

The VOR website still does not give any details for Leg 2, but you have to switch to the Dashboard ( choose the Racing button, and the Dashboard comes to You)
Last time, the Dashboard was also correct with the Leg 1 details  , so lets assume that the Dashboard is correct this time also for Leg 2.

After leaving Cape Town, the VOR fleet has to sail around Cape of Good Hope and keep an Ice-gate on its Starboard side. This might prevent the Boats choosing the normal route South to the stream of Western depressions. It will be interesting to see what the best route is now.

An African exclusion zone, spreads from Maputo on a latitude of Madagascar southern point to its North shores.
This is different, as first the exclusion zone included the Island of Mauritius.

Passing Madagascar the exclusion zone, [don't know how this is called ? might be the Pirated zone :) ]  is a vertical line to the SE coast of Oman, near the turtle beaches of Raz al Hadd.
No mention is made of the Iranian exclusion zone, but maybe this is not required anymore after the release of tensions with Iran in the last months.

After passing the narrow Strait of Hormuz it is finding the Finish line close to AbuDhabi, where more and more artificial islands appear in the sea in front of Dubai.

The virtual sailing games still maintain the Mauritius Marker to be kept on Port side.

Fair winds

Monday, 17 November 2014

VOR LEG 2 to start Wednesday ...OR?

Yes, the VolvoOceanRace website has improved. The important elements to follow the race are easier to find and grouped together.
The information on the Race and coming Legs,however, is still minimal, little details if any and spread all over the site.

When will VOR understand the needs from armchair sailors, that are keen to follow the VÓR via the internet?

What I was looking for yesterday and today for the coming start of Leg2 of the VOR from Cape Town to AbuDhabi is:
  • the start location
  • the start time
  • the details for the route
Via the menu Route and Leg2, you find nothing of this at all; apart from a stylistic route indication, that lacks all required details on Marks, Ice zones, and Exclusion zones.

Start Location.
Luckily, when clicking on Cape Town, the good people of CT have in their part given a nice map for the Starting circuit, to be sailed before the Boats can choose the open water and find the best route to Abu Dhabi.
VOR Leg 2 Start Circuit

Thanks for the Start location.

Starting Time.
The Time mentioned in this map, seems to be the only time indication for the Start of VOR Leg 2 on the whole VOR website and ........ is not correct or rather not complete enough. The time mentioned is South African local time, and that for an International Global Sailing Race.

The correct Starting time for VOR Leg 2 is 16:00 UTC.

If you like puzzles, you could have  found out, maybe, by looking at the countdown counter that shows part-time in the right top of the screen. Better maybe the countdown counter at the bottom of my blog-pages.

Route Details
As for any details on the route to be followed and marks to be validated by the Boats, there is nothing at all easily available. There is a Leg specific story on meteo, but without route details.

I had to dig deep into the cellars of the VOR website and there I found a document called Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 Leg 2 Addendum Final.(check it out via the link Noticeboard, complete in the bottom of the VOR web-pages)

There I found some information  in m30627 pdf document on Marks, Exclusion Zones and Ice Gates, be it correct ?

- East African Exclusion Zone
25° 58.573'S --32° 59.295'E  mark on African Coast
25° 35.407'S --45° 08.599'E  mark on Madagascar
20° 30.609'S --57° 23.786'E  mark on Mauritius
Boats have to sail, south of the lines connecting these marks, keeping the lines on Port side.
-Ice Gate
The ‘Ice Limits’ are positions used to form an imaginary line that Boats shall leave to Starboard. 45º 00.000S 20º 00.000E, 45º 00.000S 30º 00.000E
-and there are exclusion zones on the Iranian coast and strait of Hormuz, these to make a more narrow sailing channel in the natural water channel with the intend to keep the boats away from Iranian waters.

Pending any missed amendments, this is it.

For my virtual sailing a nice Map is made that shows the important details for Leg 2. For more details please visit the Forum of LiveSkipper Virtual Sailing Game.

Route details Leg 2

I hope that this give the required details to be able to follow the fleet and understand the route of the Boats and some of the maneuvers the Boats will be making.

Fair winds and Safe Sailing

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Abu Dhabi again the quickest

Saturday was the 2nd In-Port race in Cape Town. The weather conditions were good for sailing , with a strong Southerly Wind and some Sunshine most of the time.

The 3 Boats fighting for the Podium
The split on the Start Line would decide the outcome of this In-Port Race, the Boats didn't know that immediately, however.
Abu Dhabi, SCA and a little later Brunel and Dongfeng, choose to Sail first the Open end of the circuit, and this offered them an advantage that the other Boats, Vestas, Alvimedica and Maphre, that first sail into the shoreside ,could not follow anymore , let alone catch up or pass.

In the course of the race , Brunel got hold of SCA, and at one point even were about even with AbuDhabi, but Ian Walker had all under control and in the last leg made a proper gain to give them a convincing Victory.
Brunel had some fight with SCA, but made a tactical manoeuvre close to SCA that  gave them a gap that SCA was not able to close.
Dongfeng made some nice gains towards the end but SCA was to strong to be beaten .

Maphre was the last to pass the finish

In-Port Scorecard

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Continue the Actions in VolvoOceanRace - In-Port Race Cape Town

Today, SATURDAY 15th November 2014, at 1200GMT will be the Start of the In-Port Race in Cape Town as continuation of the VolvoOceanRace events.

In-Port Race Cape Town Circuit

The 7 participating boats will battle it out in the harbour of Cape Town. Like in Alicante , where Alvimedica won the In-Port , I expect it again to be a close race. Winds, ?, if the entry of the winners of Leg 1 , Abu Dhabi and Dongfeng is any indication it could be variable, weak and most of all tricky. 

Have a watch on Internet on the VolvoOceanRace website or look at Youtube a life video.

The Start for Leg 2, Cape Town to Abu Dhabi will be on Wednesday 19 November.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

LiveSkipper Boats beat the New VO65 in Cape Town

Yesterday saw the Podium fill up in Cape Town, South-Africa, first of all just after mid-night by the virtual Sailors on the LiveSkipper game, then later in the afternoon the Real VolvoOceanRace VO65 OneDesign boats.

Liveskipper: The last moments for the Finish
This is a Great performance, if you consider that the LiveSkipper Boats are an older type Imoca60, with their Polars and both the LiveSkipper and VOR skippers and navigators using quiet similar wind conditions.

For the VOR skipper Ian Walker on Abu Dhabi boat, it must have been a nail biting last hours of sailing. Dongfeng was sailing close behind and at times had better speed and closing in. Especially when Ian as first got stuck in a windhole behind the table-mountain. But later Dongfeng felt the same problem of fading winds, luckily for AbuDhabi did Dongfeng sail almost the same route and did not try to circle the windholes.
Ian on Abu Dhabi got the Victory, and Dongfeng finished some 12 minutes later. Bauwe Bekking had lost considerable distance on these 2 and finished some 4 hours later.

The other 4 Boats are still sailing and are also feeling the calmer winds towards Cape Town.

A nice Leg 1 and next event will be the In-Port race in Cape Town on Saturday 15 November.

Finishing order and Sailing times Leg 1
1. Abu Dhabi   - 25day 3hrs 10min 44sec
2. Dongfent     - 25day 3hrs 22min 48sec
3. Brunel          - 25day 07hrs 33min 25sec
4. Vestas Wind- 26day 00hrs 48min 47sec
5. Alvimedica  - 26d 13h 07m 38s
6. SCA            - 26d 23h 37m 49s
7. Maphre       - 27d 00h 47m 32s

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Competition in Ocean Sailing Races

 It is a busy time for Ocean Sailors, even for Virtual Ocean Sailors.

The VolvoOceanRace has started some weeks back and only sailing in Leg 1 towards Cape Town and another historical Ocean Sailing Race is starting.

The historical Route du Rhum is starting on Sunday 2nd November 2014 at 1300 GMT from Pointe du Grouin, France.  The Finish is location in the Caribbean on Guadeloupe.

For Virtual Sailors it will be a real competition as well, as also the Route du Rhum has a virtual sailing player to sail alongside your favorite Real Sailors. You can compete with the best sailors in the Route du Rhum by following their tracks, or if you feel confident you may pass your favorites and beat them to the Finish in Guadeloupe. 

This will be a real competition for the VORG player, as this LiveSkipper player is coming with more modern features, better navigational tools, a higher accuracy to set your course and apart from the Ultime race in the Trimaran, it is completely free; inclusive multiple sails, auto-heading, Waypoints and .............a good scheduler. A detailed LiveSkipper wiki is a good help, if you would get lost or when you want to optimize your sailing skills.

Virtual Sailing Route du Rhum

And the competition goes on. 

The Route du Rhum is sailed by different types of Boat, contrary to the VolvoOceanRace, where this year for the first time all Boats are identical, the OneDesign VO65; see the details under TAB BOAT in the top of my blog.

The attractive part for virtual sailors is, that in Route du Rhum virtual player, you have a choose from 3 boats, monohulls, Class 40 and Imoca60 and the super fast Maxi XXL Trimaran. So if you are interested (and can find the time ) you may compete with yourself in 3 different boat-types all sailing the Route du Rhum sailing race, alongside the fleet of Real Boats in the Route du Rhum.

To follow the race you can look at the website of Route du Rhum.

Route du Rhum website

OK, now over to the VolvoOceanRace, where also a fierce competition is fought by the 3 leaders in the VOR fleet. Vestas Wind, sailed a more westerly course over the last days and now it shows that it has paid out: Vestas is within a Nm of both Abu Dhabi and Brunel, this morning report tells.
It is amazing that after sailing for almost 2 weeks ,  almost half the fleet is with some 2Nm of each other.

The St.Helena High is growing and moving more South, this may have surprised Brunel and AbuDhabi but somewhere Vestas Wind had a good feeling and now closed the gap that existed since the Cape Verde Islands. 

This will become a very interesting final to the Finish in Cape Town.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

VolvoOceanRace improves their Website!

VolvoOceanRace organisation has listened to the comments of their website visitors and has improved their VolvoOceanRace website, on top of that VOR has announced more improvements to come.

This is very good News and indeed signals that VOR cares about their passionated followers. It listens to the comments and when recognised the strengths and correctness of comments, implements to let the arm-chair sailors enjoy their Website even more. 

The 2 improvements that I noticed is the improvement on the main page with the addition of some Keywords, dates, and symbol for document,video etc in the tiles, that before were nice meaningless flipping pictures. At least now it can be seen easily, what tile to click to get more details on that subject, be it that I still prefer a chronological list  for the video's and documents; like Youtube has and also you can find in my blog under the VIDEO tab on top. 
The 2nd improvement on the content of the Watch Log. Now I learn a lot more on the Boats performances, strategies and most of all an interesting view on the situations ahead with the forecasted wind systems. Kudo for this improvement, which is now becoming a real competition with Mark Chisnell weekly blog

What is more to come?

A more pronounced place for the information on the Race. It sounds that simple. The VolvoOceanRace is a "RACE", and the most important information at this time of the event is the race-information: dashboard, wind-data, watchlog, prewies and leaderboards both for the present Leg as for the Overall VOR event.
Till now the data is hidden, difficult to find or not existing. 

In a Sailing Race, what is it that You want to know?
  • What route to sail, with important milestones, marks
  • What Boat to use
  • What Teams participate
  • The progress of the Race once started
All is on the Main Page VOR Website on the Top Menu, indeed,.....except RACE. 

So here is my proposal 
RACE get its own Place on the VOR web
Under the  RACE button, one should find all information relevant to the progress of the VolvoOceanRace, for the actual Leg as well as for the Overall Classification.  Such as the info , mentioned above. 

The VolvoOceanRace Website has a simple Dashboard, too simple imho. It also has a VirtualEye dashboard that is far better and compares to other sailing tracking screens, e.g. Volodiaj Tracking/
VOR should consider either to do away with the simple Dashboard and only have the VirtualEye, which might give some problems for weaker computers and tablets (?) as it requires to not common Unity add-on, or to make some relevant improvements on the Dashboard. 

Improvements, wind direction, wind vanes on screen, relevant wind pattern
 My proposal is to replace the Seawater Temperature in the bottom right Weather box by the Wind Direction of the leading Boats. The Wind direction makes Sailors understand the race and make boats win or loose distance; the Sea Temperature is nice to know but does not contribute to  the Boat preformances. If it is to give some scientific tint on the website, I would propose to add the Wind Direction and Sea Water salinety data. 
This box shows also an animated wind pattern around Alicante ? That is not at all relevant once the Boats sail in the Southern Atlantic. So I propose, forgive me the rough cut-out in the image above but I am sure VOR webmaster can do a better job, a dynamic wind pattern centred a little ahead of the Leaders of the VOR Fleet. Anymation is nice, but eat bandwidth and could be static image of wind systems that is updated with the 3hrs update on the Leaderboard. 

What I as armchair sailor do miss, is the coordinates for the Boats? Not in the Dashboard, not even in the detailed information if you click on the Boats. Yes, I know it is available , hidden in the details of the Boats in the Virtual Eye. 

I propose to make boat coordinates visible in the Boat details in the Dashboard as well .

Boat Coordinates added

 This is just my contribution to help in improving the VolvoOceanRace Website. Now doubt other site-visitors have other or better ideas. As VOR has indicated that the Website needs improvements and have shown to listen to comments, I invite You to come forward with your good proposals to VOR org., such that together we can make the VolvoOceanRace Website a better One.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

First VolvoOceanRace Boats pass Fernando de Noronha mark

     This morning I learned that 3 Boats have passed the one and only Mark on     VolvoOceanRace Leg 1 on Fernando de Noronha. 

First Boats rounding Fernando de Noronha

The 1st Boat to pass was Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing. She had build a small lead over the last days and was about 14 Nm ahead of the 2nd Boat.

The 2nd Boat to pass was Team Brunel, chasing AbuDhabi and with a long distance to sail, still has all options to finish as first.

The 3rd Boat to pass was Team Vestas Wind, with a more Easterly course made big gains over last days, but trailed about 40-50 Nm on the leaders . Looking at the Dashboard on 24 October 21:55 gmt, see image above, I do wonder however whether Vestas did pass Fernando de Noronha Mark on the correct side. Please check as it would be too bad to get a dsq in Cape Town. 

Sail on, the rest of the fleet is closing in , with a spread of only 102.5 Nm at midnight. The big startegical play in the Southern Atlantic will be the navigation around the St. Helena High, an area of High pressure with fierce winds around it that almost always exists, but to make this part of the Leg 1 a challenge, is relocating itself and moving. A good strategy how to pass this High , might bring you Victory in Cape Town, a wrong strategy, however, might drop  you down in the Leaderboard. Fair winds

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

OneDesign VO65 already a Success!

The idea behind the OneDesign VO65 Boats that are sailing in the VolvoOceanRace 2014-2015 (and btw also proposed for the next VOR 2018-2019), is now already proving a success. With OneDesign boats, all skippers have the same Boats equipped with the same sails etc. , such that the capacities of the skippers and their sailors become more important in the results in the Sailing Race, as all Boats have in principle the same capabilities.

Bird-view on VOR fleet 21 Oct. 0700 GMT

The image above shows the VOR-Boats after just over 7 days sailing. The OneDesign for sure is a reason that the spread in the fleet is that small, 2 Boats within 10 Nm, 6 Boats within 40Nm.
This has brought many, many lead changes already; Each Boat has sailed already some time in the Lead of the fleet, and boats in the Lead have dropped to the End; be it that SCA is trailing already for last days.  It brings in any case a lot of excitement as each morning it is a question which Boat will be in the Lead.

All Boats have followed the same strategy and are together of all the Race already. Or could the OneDesign, be a reason for the skippers to stay together? What You think on that?

Maybe the skippers fear a deviation from the pack, as they know that boat performances are identical which would promote staying together as small gains can be made in same winds, but large losses might be suffered in different winds, with little options to catch up? Think on this again, in different winds you might also make big gains on the others .

Fair winds, Goede Vaart, and skippers now you have learned the Boats a little better and seen the performance of the other participants, now it will be the brave that make a different strategy. The Doldrums approaching on the horizon, is a good place to try it out =:)

Friday, 17 October 2014

VolvoOceanRace website stumbles behind Microsoft.

Over the last week, I am looking at the VolvoOceanRace website, for relevant information for my sailing hobby, including the Virtual sailing game(VORG). 

First thing that reflects is the New Design of the VolvoOceanRace website. 

The New VolvoOceanRace Website

What do You think of this New VolvoOceanRace website? 

I think it is terrible bad, irritating and with a lack of information for sailors. 

The most irritating to me is the large flipping tiles, that contain no clue what it the story behind it, until you move your mouse over it. I wonder how people with a touch screen have to use this, move your finger all over the screen to search for something that could be of interest? It reflects clearly a blind following of Microsoft O.S. with their failed Windows 8 version. Well in case VolvoOceanRace organization is not aware, Microsoft have thrown the towel in the ring and abandoned their W.8 tile design. In the announced new version Windows 10, the better Start menu re-appears such that a computer becomes again a productivity tool. The tile-pictures are very little informative as to what sits behind those tiles. 
My first thought was: a “keyword” written on the tiles would be a great improvement already. Can that be done? 

VolvoOceanRace Website: Articles

YES, as when you have found the folder with Articles, suddenly you see that the tiles have names and a short description; that helps already a lot in useless flipping over all the tiles before you find what you are looking for; and VOR themselves show the improvement already. 

VolvoOceanRace org., take an example on Microsoft, who turned away from the tiles only design and VOR change your Website, asap, to a better design; than the 2014-15 Website would be a huge improvement already. 

As a sailor, I open the VolvoOceanRace website, on-going now, to read on the status of the VO65 Boats race, their position, their coordinates, the wind situation both strength and direction, some story on the sailing done, and analyses of progress; hopefully also some views on which boats have better strategies with the wind forecasts, though all Boats till now have same strategy and sail close together. However, the New VolvoOceanRace website lacks the basic information on their own VOR Sailing Race. There is no button on the main menu for the status of the Race, some information can be found hidden under a menu icon, like the dashboard and watch log. The watch log is a daily description of the Boat performances, but with very little analyses and explanations; Mark Chisnell writes a far better sailing report. 
The menu FOLLOW, is a wrong name as it does not follow the Boats, nor the Race, but gives only some links to Social Media. 

There is still space for an extra Menu button, called RACE, which could include both the dashboard, the watch log and the virtual eye even a Leaderboard for the Overall Ranking. 
On the status of the Boats there is only one place that offers most of the information and that is the Virtual Eye, which you can find by clicking the “Full Tracker” on the dashboard screen. 
This virtual eye offers all a sailor needs, be it that the coordinates of the boats are deep hidden in the details, that open only when a boat is clicked on. The Virtual Eye gives further indeed a lot of information, on wind, isobars, and currents . The list of Boats suggest that the order is from top to bottom without an indication. Showing the % of completion in a Leg is not very information, I would prefer to see there the DTLC, it is a race for points in the end. 
The simple dashboard has no real information, apart from the order of Boats and DTLC, but no coordinates, no information on wind direction only wind strength; well sailing is all about wind, both strength and direction and a forecast to make some interesting proposals for heading and sail choice; nothing of this in the dashboard. Yes the Temperature of sea-water, nice info but not required to win a sailing race. 

A leaderboard is missing, at least so far I have not found one, did You? The only table I have seen is on Youtube, a minute at the end of the Alicante In-Port race. 

Is there anything Good at all? Yes, there is. 
The page on TEAMS is informative and looks complete with proper details on the team, links to their own websites and information on the Team-sailors. 
Also the information on the BOAT, with links to video's during the construction phases is very interesting and informative. 
The ROUTE button shows a view on the route for the whole VOR 2014-15. A click on either a Leg or an In-Port race will bring some new screen with details on the Leg or In-Port city and race. It could however be better, as the Map on Route Leg1 is in-complete as an essential sailing mark at Fernando de Noronha is missing. Luckily that Mark is indicated on the dashboard, where also a Mark at Gibraltar is shown, that again is not an official mark in the race. 
To end with a positive note, the HISTORY menu brings a time-line that offers a lot of details of interesting information of the VolvoOceanRace, starting with the Whitbread races. 

I hope that VolvoOceanRace organization wakes up and brings some improvements to their website and follow Microsoft again to do away with the irritating tiles and improves the information so much interesting for Sailors. It is not too late, as the VOR is not a week on, and it will make a lot of Sailors much happier followers of your VolvoOceanRace Website. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Changing of the guards in VOR fleet.

The VolvoOceanRace has sailed already one day into the Atlantic and all Boats area still in each eye-sight, not further than 10Nm apart at one time. 

Many times the leader has changed from one Boat to the other Boat. I think that by now each boat has at least once sail ahead of the fleet, be it only 1 Mile. When a boat is in the front of the fleet, suddenly the next day she is in the back and reverse. It shows that aye) the navigators choose the same strategy and bee) the OneDesign VO65 set pretty much the same performance. 

I hope that this is a sign that we may expect very close battles in coming days, weeks and months, such that this will become a very exciting VolvoOceanRace 2014-15. 

All Boats till now sail the African coast on the same strategy.
Virtual Eye shows the Boat , 15 October

Winds will most likely let them sail east along the Canary Islands and after that it is a question, whether winds allow them to head already to the West and pick up the Trade winds, or whether they sail further South and come close to the Cape Verde islands, before heading West.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

VolvoOceanRace 2014 Started

The VolvoOceanRace 2014-2015 has started from Alicante and heading to Cape-Town via Fernando de Noronha.
First the 7 Participating Boats sailed a starting circuit close to Alicante harbour and fought for positions to head into the Open Water.
starters circuit in Alicante

Brunel and SCA had a good start, but Abu Dhabi fought back. Ventas Wind made an early start and had to return , loosing valuable time.
Brunel kept the lead, though Abu Dhabi at one point sailed a short while in front. SCA lost some places with the 2-3 marks and Ventas recovered the distance.
A recap video of this start is available and a link can be found in my video tab as well. Luckily, and I believe the VOR has listened to the many complaints on the voice of the one commentator, the commentators were better; once improvement more and they could be acceptable to listen to.

The boats can be followed via a tracker, hidden in the VOR website but you can find it under the top-most right menu icon. Again the tracker in the VOR website is not that good, shows to little details of interest for sailors, but the Virtual eye tracker is a lot better. With some clicks on the boat, you can even find the coordinates of the Boats sailing.

Today hopefully will be possible to pass Gibraltar and enter the Atlantic Ocean. The strategic plan will start than as to how to circumfence the Azoren High, how to use the Trade winds to its best and where to cross the Doldrums.

I did found and interesting blog on this VOR 2014-15 written by Mark Chisnell, he is the writer of the book Spanish Castle to White Night, the story of the VOR 2008-2009.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

START of VOR 2014 Saturday 11 October 1200 GMT

Today, Saturday 11 October 2014 at 12:00 GMT(which on VOR is called 14:00 CES), it is said that the VOR 2014-2015 will start in Alicante, Spain.
Map of start circuit in Alicante(pending windshifts)

At the start the 7 Participating Boats will sail a starters circuit before heading into the wide waters of the Mediterranean Sea, on Leg1 to Cape Town, via Fernando de Noronha.
You can follow the start live, on the VOR website

With all other things that are not good in the VOR2014, again VOR makes a mistake. See the VOR route map , which is the Wrong Leg 1 route on VOR web-site

The correct route for VOR2014 Leg 1 is here
Corrected route for VOR 2014 Leg 1
A mark on the Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha, has to be kept on Port side; unbelievable that VOR is not able to show a correct route map, which shows the most important route elements.

Anyway here it is and many more information, you can find on my blog under the TAB's above. Enjoy my blog.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Tomorrow START VOR 2014

Tomorrow, Saturday 11 October 2014 at 12:00 GMT, the VolvoOceanRace (VOR) 2014-2015 will start from Alicante. First the 7 participating Boats will sail a departure circuit, before heading to the Open Waters for Leg 1.

Alicante In-Port race: a fierce battle

Leg1 of the VOR2014, which has in total 9 Legs, will sail from Alicante(Spain), via Fernando de Noronha(Brazil) to Cape Town (South Africa).

In my blog, I will follow the progress of the VOR fleet as well as the progress of my own virtual sailing boat in LiveSkipper, the best virtual sailing player on the web.

I try to gather information from the VOR race and present it here, as (I think) the VOR website is a disaster compared to last VOR-edition to find any relevant information for sailors.
The Tabs on top of the page lead you to the route, some details for the VO65 Boat, the teams, shows a map with daily progress and a collection of links to video's from In-Port and Leg races.

In the bottom of my page, you will find a count down to the start of the next event.


Saturday, 27 September 2014

A fortnight till the START of VolvoOceanRace 2014-15 Leg1

The VolvoOceanRace 2014-2015 a historical sailing adventure around the Globe will start actually in one weeks time, on 4th October 2014 with the In-Port race between 7 Participating Boats in the harbour of Alicante, Spain. 

Countdown till the Start of VOR Leg1


A week later, on 11th October 2014, Leg 1 of 9 legs in the VolvoOceanRace 2014-2015 (VOR 2014-15) will start also in the Alicante harbour. The arrival of the VOR 2014-15 will be in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Virtual Sailing has for many years already been a partner of the VOR. Also this year a Virtual Sailing event is organised alongside the real Boats, so you can compete with the real sailors, be it in the comfort of your armchair. This years virtual sailing player is VR, and not a further improved VORG player,like last time. This is a pity as the present player is an old-fashioned one and for me a step back in time, for sure if you compare with the present state of the art virtual sailing games. e.g. Liveskipper, Sailonline, BWR player

The VORG player, due to its costs structure, (can be pretty expensive if you would buy all options) , does not create an even playing field for all virtual skippers. That is a pity as it will not reflect the quality of the skippers on the Podium.

For sailing in an even Playing Field a group of enthousiast skippers has created the No Money Sailors group. And FaceBook is the main communication platform.
This group sails in an even Playing Field by using the basic boat, without any additional options. This BIG advantage is having the additional bonus that it will not cost you any money, not a dollar, not an euro, not a dime. 
It is ALL FREE; like in a free BEER!!!

Join our VOR No Money Sailors group 2014-2015 and enjoy a enciting, challenging, fierce sailing race with plenty of fun as well 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

The New VOLVOOCEANRACE 2014-15 starting soon.

On 4th October 2014, 2 weeks ahead, will be the start of the VOLVOOCEANRACE 2014 event with the  Alicante In-Port Sailing Race.

Thereafter the 1st Leg will start on 11th October, from Alicante to Cape-Town.

Count down for the Start of Leg 1, for the Real boats and the Virtual Sailing Game, VORG.



Don't miss this most famous, adventurous, challenging and nail biting sailing event of the year.

Skippers that like to sail along the VOR the fleet in a virtual sailing game, with attractive prizes, can do this on the VOR supported game. 

The VR game, used this year for the VORG is a poor reflection of the former VORG and even worse than the present "state of the art" Virtual Sailing Games, like LiveSkipper or Sailonline; in LiveSkipper there will be a shadow sailing race with lots of competition and possible a comparison of your Boats progress with the progress of the real VOR Boats.