Wednesday, 19 November 2014

VolvoOceanRace Leg 2 starts TODAY with some course changes!

Today, Wednesday 19 November 2014 at 16:00 UTC the VolvoOceanRace will continue with the Start of Leg 2 in Cape Town.
The VOR website give some details on the Start and the starters circuit. That is still identical to the Map shown in my previous blog post. The start event will be live on internet either the VOR website or Youtube.

VOR Leg 2 Course with sailing Marks.

After this Start circuit, the Boats will sail into the Open Waters heading to AbuDhabi. But there are a lot of racing obstacles on route, even some that are different from the ones mentioned before. Therefore I feel obliged to inform you on what I received , concluded as last details on the route of Leg 2.

The VOR website still does not give any details for Leg 2, but you have to switch to the Dashboard ( choose the Racing button, and the Dashboard comes to You)
Last time, the Dashboard was also correct with the Leg 1 details  , so lets assume that the Dashboard is correct this time also for Leg 2.

After leaving Cape Town, the VOR fleet has to sail around Cape of Good Hope and keep an Ice-gate on its Starboard side. This might prevent the Boats choosing the normal route South to the stream of Western depressions. It will be interesting to see what the best route is now.

An African exclusion zone, spreads from Maputo on a latitude of Madagascar southern point to its North shores.
This is different, as first the exclusion zone included the Island of Mauritius.

Passing Madagascar the exclusion zone, [don't know how this is called ? might be the Pirated zone :) ]  is a vertical line to the SE coast of Oman, near the turtle beaches of Raz al Hadd.
No mention is made of the Iranian exclusion zone, but maybe this is not required anymore after the release of tensions with Iran in the last months.

After passing the narrow Strait of Hormuz it is finding the Finish line close to AbuDhabi, where more and more artificial islands appear in the sea in front of Dubai.

The virtual sailing games still maintain the Mauritius Marker to be kept on Port side.

Fair winds

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