Sunday, 16 November 2014

Abu Dhabi again the quickest

Saturday was the 2nd In-Port race in Cape Town. The weather conditions were good for sailing , with a strong Southerly Wind and some Sunshine most of the time.

The 3 Boats fighting for the Podium
The split on the Start Line would decide the outcome of this In-Port Race, the Boats didn't know that immediately, however.
Abu Dhabi, SCA and a little later Brunel and Dongfeng, choose to Sail first the Open end of the circuit, and this offered them an advantage that the other Boats, Vestas, Alvimedica and Maphre, that first sail into the shoreside ,could not follow anymore , let alone catch up or pass.

In the course of the race , Brunel got hold of SCA, and at one point even were about even with AbuDhabi, but Ian Walker had all under control and in the last leg made a proper gain to give them a convincing Victory.
Brunel had some fight with SCA, but made a tactical manoeuvre close to SCA that  gave them a gap that SCA was not able to close.
Dongfeng made some nice gains towards the end but SCA was to strong to be beaten .

Maphre was the last to pass the finish

In-Port Scorecard

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