For the VOLVOOCEANRACE 2014-2015 a New Designed One Design VO65 will be the One-Design Sailing Boat. For more details please visit VolvoOceanRace-Boat page

VO65 in full view

New Volvo Ocean 65 - One Design

Some dimensions:

Length (on waterline) : 65 Ft (20M)

Width (maximum) : 5.60 M.

Mast height:30.30 M.

Keel draft max.: 4,78 M. 

Keel weight: 4910-4920 kg.
Weight of Boat: min 12500kg. (empty)

Sail Inventory:

Mainsail: fully-battened, three reefs
J1: good for 8-15 knots upwind, has hanks and battens
J2: good for 13-25 knots, on a furler with vertical leech battens
J3: good for 22-35 knots, also on a furler with vertical leech battens
Fractional Code 0 spinnaker (affectionately dubbed the ‘fro’): used in a broad range of angles, sheets to the outrigger
Masthead Code 0: used in 0-6 knots upwind, or downwind in more breeze
Masthead A3 gennaker: the only dedicated downwind sail, typically used at true wind angles of 120° and above

J4: good for 35 knots+ as a storm jib, and also as a staysail

An additional four sails to choose from the above can be use during the race.

An outrigger will extend 1.5m outside the hull either midships for the jibs or aft near the stern for the MH0, FR0 and A3.

Some information on the production of the rigging
Southern Spars, NewZealand, will make the rigging for ALL participating VO65 Boats for the 2014-15 and the 2017-16 editions. 

Some Vedio's that show the construction of the New Boat VO65.


This race will sail the new designed Volvo70 boat

a picture from the Volvo Ocean website 

Some data: 
LH (length of Hull): max. 21.500 meter.
B (maximum Beam): not greater than 5.700 and not less than 5.300 m.
Maximum draft: 4.5 Meter
Mast: height of hoist main sail 29.000 Meter
Range of acceptable Displacement: 14 - 14.5 tonnes,
Keel Fin and  Bulb weight: maximum 7.4 tonnes
Canting Keel angles: from max. 40 degree to min. 40 degree from central plane.

- Main Sail: area max. 175 M. sq. ; mainsail leech length max. 29 M.
- Mast head Spinnaker: area between 300 and 500 M. sq.
- Fractional spinnaker : area maximum 350  M. sq.
for spinnakers it is permitted to have reefs, and furling devices as well.
- Head Sail
- Stay Sail
- Heavy Weather Jib
- Storm Jib
- Storm Trysail

All spinnakers are allowed to be furled 

I found a link to the detailed description for the Volvo Open 70 Sailing boat