Thursday, 11 June 2015

SCA glorious Victory in VolvoOceanRace Leg 8

The boys were chasing the girls for the last couple of days, but the Girls were too fast for them all. SCA took Victory in Lorient on Leg 8 in the VolvoOceanRace with a comfortable lead.

SCA's last Miles before taking the win.

SCA took the lead already in the first night of this Leg. In front of the Portuguese coast with weak  variable winds, they found the best winds and run away never to be approached again.The 2nd day , SCA could extend their lead and in the stormy Gulf of Bisque, they sailed a perfect strategy, with never gave any change to close in , let alone pass the girls. A well deserved win.

Second came Vestas Wind, after a 6 months rest, where their boat, which they wrecked on some coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. They must be happy, that their new navigator could avoid the corals reefs, there are  not too many around Portugal though. 

Third AbuDhabi and very important with a boat between them and their nearest rivals. The points in the Overall ranking are beyond reach for the other boats, so they just have to sail and finish the last Leg 9.

Brunel, made a good last day of sailing, with passages of first Dongfeng and later Alvimedica in the final miles in a tight battle.

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