Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Virtual Sailing after VolvoOceanRace.

It was in 2009 the Leg of that VORG from Gothenburg to Stockholm, that I started with Virtual Sailing. 
After that VORG, I did some trials and test and ultimately decided that LiveSkipper was the best virtual Sailing Player for me.
After that time, now some 6 years back, I still sail in LiveSkipper with a lot of pleasure, but hate to say that sailing this years VORG was terrible, as if the time was turned back to the old days. 

LiveSkipper Virtual Sailing Player

In 2009, the LiveSkipper Virtual Sailing Player was already better than the VORG player , but the progress that LiveSkipper made over the last years , did not show in the VORG players. The 2012 VORG player from United Games, was indeed better than the previous one, but this years VORG from VR is worse again, not better even than the 2008 VORG player.

To name just a couple of Advantages of LiveSkipper(LS):
- the LS player uses the complete screen, to offer a very wide and clear view on the sailing routes.
- LS maps show the shorelines clearly in yellow , zooming in upto  pixel accuracy
- LS is free to play, with all options like auto-pilot, auto-sail, Waypoints, scheduler with 4 Marks (for optimal sailing while you sleep)
- LS offers a clear and easy to use polar diagram , see pop-up window in the game.
- LS offers upto 24hrs polar projections, (see the red lines ahead of my boat), that show the distance you can sail with the present sail choice in 3, 6, 9  upto 24 hours in each direction, dynamic taking the wind forecast for the future projection lines. This allows a good view on wind forecast and with the marks  and scheduler a good tool for route optimization.
- LS offers a ruler, that allows you  to set a course, measure distances, check on heading to a  target, indicates sailing time to a target point, show loxodromic and orthodromic shortest distances to a target. 
- the Windforecast goes in steps upto 7 days.
- LS has a very good detailed manual, in the form of LiveSkipper wiki, in 3 languages, French, Spanish and English
- LS has a very active Forum again in the 3 languages, where questions are answered quickly
- LS has a chatroom, which you can even turn into a private chatroom.
- LS has less players, than the previous VORG's, which contributes to better and more enjoyable sailing.

If you have touched on virtual sailing and like to continue it, or you look to start with Virtual Sailing, or when you like to enjoy your Virtual Sailing even more, now is the time to connect to LiveSkipper.
You may contact me here, or in Liveskipper forum or send a PM in LiveSkipper and I will answer your questions and help you to get started.

Fair  Winds. 

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