Thursday, 18 June 2015

VolvoOceanRace final LEG 9 well on its way to Gothenburg.

The final LEG 9 in the VolvoOceanRace started with a fierce battle in the waters of Lorient. Boats were clearly fighting for the starting positions once entering the Open Waters, as wind forecast was promising some difficulties in passing other boats.
Team Brunel sailed a master race and was clearly the winner to start the race in the big waters. Indeed they could hold the lead till the entrance to the Channel.
There Alvimedica, sailed a slightly different course, cutting right to the French coast and gaining the lead.  After that they could only extend their lead and Brunel was falling to forth place, enough to loose their potential 2nd Podium place.
VOR fleet split on the Channel exclusion zone going into the North Sea

This Leg has put too many exclusion zones in, such that the narrow waters of the Strait of Dover, has been forbidden for aobut 80% and only a 10% strip of water on either side is available for the VOR fleet.
However, this brings some challenges to the teams, as the channel exclusion zone, stretches from Caen to Rotterdam and allows no crossing once a side has been choosen and entered. 
In the image above , you can see 3 boats north and 4 boats south in the Channel. So I guess that the differences are not felt too big and some might expect the best of the Northern approach and some the Southern .

We will have to wait till the Boats reach the pit lane in front of The Hague, as the fleet will come together there again for a day rest in this short leg.

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