Saturday, 20 June 2015

VolvoOceanRace, pitstop has refreshed the teams for a prolongued End-Sprint to Gothenburg.

The Pitstop in The Hague, did not allow others than the sailing crew to make any repairs or stocking up on the Boas, so they are nicely lined up for the public to have a close look.

VOR Boats lined up in Scheveningen during Pitstop.

This Saturday starting with Alvimedica, the 1st boats to the pits area, will allow the Boats to sail on to the finish in Gothenburg and end the VolvoOceanRace 2014-2015 version, apart from the In-Port race on Saturday next week. 

The other boats will be released in sequence and with intervals matching the arrival in the pitstop area. We will have to see which boats suffered and which benefitted from the pitstop; not in time of re-start of course , but with different winds suddenly a huge advantage in Miles might have halved only.

Also to the North-West of the Netherelands, are a number of exclusion zones, some very long almost reaching to Jutland, Denmark. The navigators will also be very busy to sort out with the windsforecast, which slot between exclusion zones to choose. It could become a short, intense sprint to Gotherburg of about 450 Nm.

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