Sunday, 29 April 2012

Volvo Ocean Race leaders clearing Brazil.

Up there over the Horizon is Miami.
The first 4 boats in Volvo Ocean Race have cleared the NE corner of Brazil and now sailing in the Tradewinds towards Miami.
On their route they will be confronted with some surprises most likely in the area that normally is known as the Dolldrums.
The first 3 boats are separate by about 10 Nm, and with some 3500 Nm to go, that means that ALL are still in to win this Leg 6; and don't forget Azzam at just 50Nm and considered to have a good speed on tail winds routes :)

The Boats in the VORG (virtual sailing game) are also round the Brazil corner already, that is to say the leading money spending boats, and sail almost same speeds as the Real Boats. Me , in my Paradise boat, sailing the No Money Sailors group are just south of Recife hoping to round it today.
In my LiveSkipper boat, I sail just within the Horizon of Recife and soon will be able to set the  Spinnaker for increased speeds.
All the progress of the different boats can be followed in the progress Map, sitting in the TAB above.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

VOR fleet on its way from Itajai to Miami.

This Leg 6 to Miami left with strong winds and sailing fast in reaching conditions. After 2 days Camper is in the lead as she choose to sail a little more northerly course. Some separation can be seen, mainly caused by an area of lighter winds while sailing NE towards the Trade winds. Some boats have a different strategy and we will see the  results in 2 maybe 3 days from now, who will be first enjoying the Tradewinds.

As in other legs, again I am following the tracks of VOR fleet, but also of my own boats in different virtual sailing games LiveSkipper and VORG and this can be  seen in the Map Leg 6 under the TAB progress maps above.
At the moment the Real boats have shown the best speed.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Leaving Itajai for Miami.

a close battle during Itajai In-Port Race  
Yesterday saw a very exciting close fought battle during the In-Port Race in Itajai, Brazil. Winds were not that strong, but sufficient to give these boats a good speed.

A drama developed already on the Start, where PUMA was judge to make a wrong  move and was penalized with a 360. Later on Puma recovered reasonably well.

Telefonica, that avoided the crowded end of the Start line, made a good start, till they rounded a wrong windward buoy. Sailing already with the Spinnaker up, they had to make a turn to correct this, which thrown them from leading to last place.

Ultimately Groupama came out as Winners over Camper, Puma , Azzam and Telefonica.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Volvo Ocean Race Leg 6 is approaching

Today Saturday 21 April at 17:00 gmt will be the Start of the Volvo Ocean Race In-Port Race in Itajai, Brazil. Most likely Azzam will be repaired in time , which will make it a 5 boats race field.

Camper, was successful in the Pro-Am style race that was held yesterday. A half hour summary of the Itajai Pro-Am can be seen here.
This is a good training for the In-Port Race so the Kiwi's hope for a Good result.

Leg 6 of the VOR will start a day after the In-Port race on Sunday 22 April at 17:00 gmt. First a starting circuit will be sailed before the boats set off into the Atlantic.

Lets hope that the 5 participating boast, all can this time sail till the Miami Finish, without structural damage or loosing the mast and if so, they may also make it a close finish.

Fair winds.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

FINISHED in Volvo Ocean Race Itajai, Brazil.

PUMA, winner of Volvo Ocean Race Leg 5. 
CONGRATULATIONS, to PUMA for winning Leg 5 in the Volvo Ocean Race on the Finish in Itajai, Brazil.

Puma, is the only boat that sailed this leg without a major damage that required assisted  repairs to the  other 5 boats. A devastating Leg on the southern Pacific, but with 5 out of 6 boats suffering from sever structural damage, one  should put the  question whether these boats are sea-worthy for a Ocean crossing?

Puma, sailed after Cape Horn a neck-on-neck race with Groupama, changing the lead several times, till the time that Groupama broke their Mast. Telefonica, that suffered structural damage on the Hull before got it repaired in a 17 hrs stop at Cape Horn, had all the luck in the world with very good wind systems pushing them towards the leaders.
So in the last day of the Leg5, PUMA had suddenly a new contender for the victory. Clever sailing brought the Victory to Puma however.

In the parallel sailed 9Pack Serie in LiveSkipper the victory went to Misterqu shortly following by Tsunami.  This race was far more exciting than the VOR as now  there were 4 boats battling it out for the Podium , with some 3 boats following on short  distance.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Monotonous story in Volvo Ocean Race

Groupama is the next with a broken Mast. 
It is getting a little TOO MUCH OF THE SAME ,  as Groupama has broken her Mast, late Wednesday and only about 670 Nm from the Finish in leading position.

Luckily the crew is safe and Groupama is apparently considering to make a jury rig and sail on to Itajai or to visit the next Harbor for a change with a new mast.

Puma is now leader, but only with about 40 Nm advance on Telefonica who has made a marvelous recovery after her Hull repair at Cape Horn.

It will  still be an exciting race between 2 out of the  6 started boats , who will  be the Winner of Leg 5 in Itajai, Brazil.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Strategy for the End sprint in Volvo Ocean Race Leg 5.

Puma and Groupama are in a close battle for the lead in Leg 5 , Volvo Ocean Race with some 1000 Nm to go to Itajai, Brazil.

The last days has seen many lead changes where one time Groupama is in the lead only to be passed by Puma again. These two however have to be careful as Telefonica, that made a 17 hrs repair stop at Cape Horn, has in last days reduced the difference from 400+ Nm upto 70 Nm.
This for sure makes them  a candidate for the leg win again.

Coming days will be a  nice close battle and it is not at all sure who will  be the winner.