Tuesday, 24 April 2012

VOR fleet on its way from Itajai to Miami.

This Leg 6 to Miami left with strong winds and sailing fast in reaching conditions. After 2 days Camper is in the lead as she choose to sail a little more northerly course. Some separation can be seen, mainly caused by an area of lighter winds while sailing NE towards the Trade winds. Some boats have a different strategy and we will see the  results in 2 maybe 3 days from now, who will be first enjoying the Tradewinds.

As in other legs, again I am following the tracks of VOR fleet, but also of my own boats in different virtual sailing games LiveSkipper and VORG and this can be  seen in the Map Leg 6 under the TAB progress maps above.
At the moment the Real boats have shown the best speed.

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