Saturday, 7 April 2012

FINISHED in Volvo Ocean Race Itajai, Brazil.

PUMA, winner of Volvo Ocean Race Leg 5. 
CONGRATULATIONS, to PUMA for winning Leg 5 in the Volvo Ocean Race on the Finish in Itajai, Brazil.

Puma, is the only boat that sailed this leg without a major damage that required assisted  repairs to the  other 5 boats. A devastating Leg on the southern Pacific, but with 5 out of 6 boats suffering from sever structural damage, one  should put the  question whether these boats are sea-worthy for a Ocean crossing?

Puma, sailed after Cape Horn a neck-on-neck race with Groupama, changing the lead several times, till the time that Groupama broke their Mast. Telefonica, that suffered structural damage on the Hull before got it repaired in a 17 hrs stop at Cape Horn, had all the luck in the world with very good wind systems pushing them towards the leaders.
So in the last day of the Leg5, PUMA had suddenly a new contender for the victory. Clever sailing brought the Victory to Puma however.

In the parallel sailed 9Pack Serie in LiveSkipper the victory went to Misterqu shortly following by Tsunami.  This race was far more exciting than the VOR as now  there were 4 boats battling it out for the Podium , with some 3 boats following on short  distance.

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