Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Virtual Sailing after VolvoOceanRace.

It was in 2009 the Leg of that VORG from Gothenburg to Stockholm, that I started with Virtual Sailing. 
After that VORG, I did some trials and test and ultimately decided that LiveSkipper was the best virtual Sailing Player for me.
After that time, now some 6 years back, I still sail in LiveSkipper with a lot of pleasure, but hate to say that sailing this years VORG was terrible, as if the time was turned back to the old days. 

LiveSkipper Virtual Sailing Player

In 2009, the LiveSkipper Virtual Sailing Player was already better than the VORG player , but the progress that LiveSkipper made over the last years , did not show in the VORG players. The 2012 VORG player from United Games, was indeed better than the previous one, but this years VORG from VR is worse again, not better even than the 2008 VORG player.

To name just a couple of Advantages of LiveSkipper(LS):
- the LS player uses the complete screen, to offer a very wide and clear view on the sailing routes.
- LS maps show the shorelines clearly in yellow , zooming in upto  pixel accuracy
- LS is free to play, with all options like auto-pilot, auto-sail, Waypoints, scheduler with 4 Marks (for optimal sailing while you sleep)
- LS offers a clear and easy to use polar diagram , see pop-up window in the game.
- LS offers upto 24hrs polar projections, (see the red lines ahead of my boat), that show the distance you can sail with the present sail choice in 3, 6, 9  upto 24 hours in each direction, dynamic taking the wind forecast for the future projection lines. This allows a good view on wind forecast and with the marks  and scheduler a good tool for route optimization.
- LS offers a ruler, that allows you  to set a course, measure distances, check on heading to a  target, indicates sailing time to a target point, show loxodromic and orthodromic shortest distances to a target. 
- the Windforecast goes in steps upto 7 days.
- LS has a very good detailed manual, in the form of LiveSkipper wiki, in 3 languages, French, Spanish and English
- LS has a very active Forum again in the 3 languages, where questions are answered quickly
- LS has a chatroom, which you can even turn into a private chatroom.
- LS has less players, than the previous VORG's, which contributes to better and more enjoyable sailing.

If you have touched on virtual sailing and like to continue it, or you look to start with Virtual Sailing, or when you like to enjoy your Virtual Sailing even more, now is the time to connect to LiveSkipper.
You may contact me here, or in Liveskipper forum or send a PM in LiveSkipper and I will answer your questions and help you to get started.

Fair  Winds. 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

The VolvoOcearnRace 2014-2015 is over, see you ......

Was the last In-Port Race of the VolvoOceanRace 2014-15 nice to see, NO; was it exciting to see , YES.

Brunel leading the VOR fleet in Gothenburg In-Port Race

It was Vestas Wind that made the best start, shortly followed by SCA. It was Brunel that made the worst start of them all (even of all their starts in the VOR 2014-15). Still Brunel won this last In-Port race and Vestas Wind came in last.

Still, I think, that an In-Port race in a narrow water, with shifty and almost no wind, is un-worthy for an Ocean Race event as the VolvoOceanRace. It is not so much the skill of the skippers that decide on winning or loosing in such an event , but more the sudden effects of the winds and the restrictions of the narrow waters where the boats are at that moment. 

Anyway, the Overall classification, was partly decided by this floating show for Mapfre and Alvimedica. Mapfre, was equal on points with Alvimedica and the classification in the In-Port would decide.

Mapfre, made a strategical battle of it, by holding Alvidmedica in control, and allowing Dongfeng to come in between;this was just enough to give the advantage to Mapfre.

Brunel made a bad start, as said, but was at the right time at the right spot and got some wind, that pushed them ahead of all the boats; a shortening of the race course helped in getting over the finish line and take Victory. Brunel did all they could do to pass AbuDhabi in the In-Port classsification, but it was not enough. AbuDhabi managed to end as 6th leaving just Vestas Wind behind them, which brought them the required point difference with Brunel.

So AbuDhabi winner in Overall Legs and in the In-Port races of the VolvoOceanRace 2014-2015. See you in 4 years at the next edition of VOR.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

VolvoOceanRace 2014-15 comes to its last Port: Gothenburg.

The VolvoOceanRace 2014-2015 has finished with the Offshore Legs. However, there is still one In-Port Race to be sailed on Saturday 27 June in the harbour of Gothenburg. The Overall ranking is also finished, apart from those Boats that have equal points, as for those the last In-Port Race is important as the best Boat in the In-Port Race Scoreboard will win from the other. 

Winner in Leg 9

Leg 9 was a split one, as there was a 24+hrs pitstop in The Hague. Alvimedica started first from their pitstop and could maintain their lead, be it that it had shrunk dramatically. Behind the winner were 3 Boats, Brunel, Dongfeng and Maphre, who sailed almost the whole distance from The Hague close together. Maphre who started 2nd sailed first along the Dutch coast, only to change heading and follow Dongfeng into the North sea. This allowed Brunel to close in and even pass Maphre, for sure a move that held. Later on Brunel manage to gain a small lead over Dongfeng and this is how these 3 Boats chasing Alvimedica approaching Gothenburg archipelago with many small islands. Wind calms and patches of winds, made it all very tricky. Dongfeng and Maphre both lost some time on Brunel to round the first buoy, but managed later to close in again as Brunel sailed into a windhole. Later Dongfeng got the same problem which allowed Brunel to escape and finish Leg 9 in 2nd place and Maphre could also pass Dongfeng; Maphre 3 and Dongfeng ultimately 4th . 
Abu Dhabi already sure of enough points for the Overall Win had only to finish; they sailed an easy race mostly alone without dangers. The last pair of boats, Vestas wind and SCA were close together but Vestas Wind cold hold on to their small lead and finish in 6th place with SCA closing the Leg 9 in 7th place. 

AbuDhabi celebrates its Victory in VOR 2014-15

Overall Winner of the VolvoOceanRace 2014-2015 is 
1. AbuDhabi
2. Team Brunel
3. Dongfeng team.  

It is thus a very important In-Port race for Alvimedica and Maphre, who are 2 points apart in the I-P score, 32 resp 34 points. So if Alvimedica stays ahead of Maphre or when behind does not have more than one boat in between, Alvimedica will take 4th place, and Maphre 5th.