Friday, 21 November 2014

VOR: one step forward, two steps backward?

It still stays problematic with the New VOR Website , which sometimes looks like a puzzle for information. 

VOR fleet leaving Cape Town
But the Start of VolvoOceanRace Leg 2 in Cape Town went alright. 

Where last Month some improvements were made in the VOR web-site, e.g. An extra button for RACING related issues in the Main Menu on Top of the pages, some keywords in those confusing tiles, 


Where is the Main Menu?

would that be the South-African influence, the whole Main Menu has been removed from the pages. 
It looks more and more like the VOR webmaster tries to pester their visitors to the point that the visitors stop coming; and the web-master can have his/her nap on the office?

Luckily the Main Menu has not disappeared ,

There is the Main Menu!

it is just hidden (like many other information is properly hidden), as if it was not meant to be seen and used for easy surfing on the VOR web-site. 

To get the Main Menu, you have to click the Menu icon(the icon with the 3 lines on right side). OK now we can at least find the main parts of the web-site and find some info on the still on-going VolvoOceanRace

The sailing is still on-going as it does needs only the Sailing Boat, the water, the wind and an experienced Sailing crew. 
The Boats sailing still close together, sailing SE direction as the winds look stronger to the South. 
The progress can be followed in my TAB Progress, where I also plot the progress of my Virtual Boat sailing a 9Pack RtW race in LiveSkipper, for the time being I am still sailing ahead of the VOR  fleet.

The BIG moment will come to watch for , when to turn the bow to the North heading to the Finish. 

The exciting Start of Leg 2, with a close battle in the Cape Town harbour, can be seen in a Video on Youtube; a summary of Highlights is also available; all Videos' can be found nicely listed under my TAB Video.

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