Saturday, 15 November 2014

Continue the Actions in VolvoOceanRace - In-Port Race Cape Town

Today, SATURDAY 15th November 2014, at 1200GMT will be the Start of the In-Port Race in Cape Town as continuation of the VolvoOceanRace events.

In-Port Race Cape Town Circuit

The 7 participating boats will battle it out in the harbour of Cape Town. Like in Alicante , where Alvimedica won the In-Port , I expect it again to be a close race. Winds, ?, if the entry of the winners of Leg 1 , Abu Dhabi and Dongfeng is any indication it could be variable, weak and most of all tricky. 

Have a watch on Internet on the VolvoOceanRace website or look at Youtube a life video.

The Start for Leg 2, Cape Town to Abu Dhabi will be on Wednesday 19 November.

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