Saturday, 29 November 2014

VOR fleet passes Mauritius Mark

The Boats in the VolvoOceanRace fleet have just passed Mauritius and now sailing fast to the North on strong Easterly winds.

The image shows the daily progress in red of the VOR leading Boat and in blue for my Boat Paradise sailing virtual in LiveSkipper. (also under TAB Progress)  Till now, I was able to sail along or even a little ahead of the VOR fleet, but in reaching conditions the new VO65 is faster than my Imoca60 boat.

daily progress for VOR boats and My Paradise boat (LiveSkipper)
The spread has suddenly increased which is typically a signal of speeding up and the first to approach the better winds, can make a big step forward and increase its leaing distance. Maphre is in the lead, which might be a crucial and Leg determining lead. Their performance in Leg2 outstretches their performance in Leg1 with miles!.

The boats in the back of the pack, should be careful not to loose contact with the leaders, there is in these wind conditions little they can do about it though.

The Boats can not move to the West , because of the African exclusion zone, and are bound to sail Norht or maybe a little NE, which is not to bad considering the finish in Abu Dhabi.

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