Sunday, 12 October 2014

VolvoOceanRace 2014 Started

The VolvoOceanRace 2014-2015 has started from Alicante and heading to Cape-Town via Fernando de Noronha.
First the 7 Participating Boats sailed a starting circuit close to Alicante harbour and fought for positions to head into the Open Water.
starters circuit in Alicante

Brunel and SCA had a good start, but Abu Dhabi fought back. Ventas Wind made an early start and had to return , loosing valuable time.
Brunel kept the lead, though Abu Dhabi at one point sailed a short while in front. SCA lost some places with the 2-3 marks and Ventas recovered the distance.
A recap video of this start is available and a link can be found in my video tab as well. Luckily, and I believe the VOR has listened to the many complaints on the voice of the one commentator, the commentators were better; once improvement more and they could be acceptable to listen to.

The boats can be followed via a tracker, hidden in the VOR website but you can find it under the top-most right menu icon. Again the tracker in the VOR website is not that good, shows to little details of interest for sailors, but the Virtual eye tracker is a lot better. With some clicks on the boat, you can even find the coordinates of the Boats sailing.

Today hopefully will be possible to pass Gibraltar and enter the Atlantic Ocean. The strategic plan will start than as to how to circumfence the Azoren High, how to use the Trade winds to its best and where to cross the Doldrums.

I did found and interesting blog on this VOR 2014-15 written by Mark Chisnell, he is the writer of the book Spanish Castle to White Night, the story of the VOR 2008-2009.

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