Tuesday, 21 October 2014

OneDesign VO65 already a Success!

The idea behind the OneDesign VO65 Boats that are sailing in the VolvoOceanRace 2014-2015 (and btw also proposed for the next VOR 2018-2019), is now already proving a success. With OneDesign boats, all skippers have the same Boats equipped with the same sails etc. , such that the capacities of the skippers and their sailors become more important in the results in the Sailing Race, as all Boats have in principle the same capabilities.

Bird-view on VOR fleet 21 Oct. 0700 GMT

The image above shows the VOR-Boats after just over 7 days sailing. The OneDesign for sure is a reason that the spread in the fleet is that small, 2 Boats within 10 Nm, 6 Boats within 40Nm.
This has brought many, many lead changes already; Each Boat has sailed already some time in the Lead of the fleet, and boats in the Lead have dropped to the End; be it that SCA is trailing already for last days.  It brings in any case a lot of excitement as each morning it is a question which Boat will be in the Lead.

All Boats have followed the same strategy and are together of all the Race already. Or could the OneDesign, be a reason for the skippers to stay together? What You think on that?

Maybe the skippers fear a deviation from the pack, as they know that boat performances are identical which would promote staying together as small gains can be made in same winds, but large losses might be suffered in different winds, with little options to catch up? Think on this again, in different winds you might also make big gains on the others .

Fair winds, Goede Vaart, and skippers now you have learned the Boats a little better and seen the performance of the other participants, now it will be the brave that make a different strategy. The Doldrums approaching on the horizon, is a good place to try it out =:)

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