Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Changing of the guards in VOR fleet.

The VolvoOceanRace has sailed already one day into the Atlantic and all Boats area still in each eye-sight, not further than 10Nm apart at one time. 

Many times the leader has changed from one Boat to the other Boat. I think that by now each boat has at least once sail ahead of the fleet, be it only 1 Mile. When a boat is in the front of the fleet, suddenly the next day she is in the back and reverse. It shows that aye) the navigators choose the same strategy and bee) the OneDesign VO65 set pretty much the same performance. 

I hope that this is a sign that we may expect very close battles in coming days, weeks and months, such that this will become a very exciting VolvoOceanRace 2014-15. 

All Boats till now sail the African coast on the same strategy.
Virtual Eye shows the Boat , 15 October

Winds will most likely let them sail east along the Canary Islands and after that it is a question, whether winds allow them to head already to the West and pick up the Trade winds, or whether they sail further South and come close to the Cape Verde islands, before heading West.

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