Thursday, 25 December 2014

Vestas Wind wrecked Boat cleared from tropical reef.

Would love to see Vestas Wind sailing again in the VolvoOceanRace, not in Leg 3 but with some good efforts maybe in Leg 4. 

A major step towards that is made by salvaging the Boat from the reef it got grounded on, some 200 Nm North_East of Mauritius. 

The Boat is now on a container ship heading to Malaysia and no doubt it will help to prepare a VO65 boat by re-use of suitable parts and lets hope they will be able to join in Sanya. 

The complete story can be found in the VOR website or you may use following link. 

Note: I am always sad, when I see people taking too many risks by standing on a boat while lifted. My safety rule is: no persons on or below a lift!. To many people have lost their live or got seriously injured by falling objects, breaking slings, cables or tilting cranes. 

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