Tuesday, 17 July 2012

VORG is Finished , LIVESKIPPER continues !

VORG 2011-2012 Certificate of Completion of World Tour

A certificate was received for the completion of the Tour around the Globe in the Volvo Ocean Race Game 2011-2012. Thanks a lot. It was a long tour, about 9 months, but luckily with some nice rests at the intermediate cities. 
So apart from sailing, the tour brought also some cultural "interesting" events!

Now the VORG is finished for next 2 odd years so NEXT is.......

LiveSkipper  , the BEST virtual sailing simulator on the  Internet. It is FREE , contrary to the VORG and it has regular  sailing race through the years. Most important however is: LiveSkipper has a good scheduler, so you can sail   proper during the night and  still have apart from a good sailing progress a Healthy SLEEP. 

Try it out , you will be surprised on the  easy of sailing, however, to win a race you will have to bring in some experience in Sailing, sail selection and interpretation of the real weather systems. 

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