Sunday, 29 January 2012

Difficult Sailing in Malacca Strait

It looks Sailing is difficult in a straight line; Sunday 29 January around 04:00 GMT
The VolvoOceanRace has progressed well in the Andaman Sea and have for a day entered the Malacca Straits. Skippers had already expected that the winds  would be weak and variable in the Strait to make sailing somewhat more of a challenge, especially if you are willing to win in a Sailing Race. 

Add to that the effect of the currents, I guess you get what Camper and Azzam on the image are feeling the pain off. 

Telefonica leading and at this moment sailing  South with around 12 kts boat speed, thus increasing their lead on Camper!

To follow the Sailing through the Malacca Strait closely, look at the tracker and click the red Live button for a 1 min update. 

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