Thursday, 23 April 2015

VolvoOceanRace Boats struggling to stay ahead of the LiveSkipper Boats.

A group of enthusiast virtual sailors is sailing in LiveSkipper the Leg 6 route alongside, (or maybe ahead off ? ) the VolvoOceanRace Boats.
Have a look at the video below, also on Youtube.

The blue Boats and tracks are the LiveSkipper Boats and the red Boats and tracks are the VO65 Boats.
Initially is seems the new VO65 Boats are faster, but then the LiveSkipper skippers, sailing the Imoca 60 boat, prefer the Brazilian coastal route and till now are keeping up their good progress.

If you like to follow up on how this ends up in the Finishing city of Newport, USA, you may visit my blog every now and then. You may also scroll through the TAB's above for some interesting information, some of which is regularly updated.

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