Tuesday, 17 May 2011

test with new VORG player _beta

Though I was a day too late in registering, I am sailing with the new VORG player/simulator or how you want to name it

a screenshot .

The player shows a silhouette of your boat a little larger than your competition boats. Your boat shows as a 2-dimensional boat icon and you are able to  select your preferred color; I choose blue.
A menu in the top shows Play, Ranking, Races etc. And also the time reference of the weatherdata that are active. Now the wind is refreshed every 12 hrs; I hope it will be changed during the actual race to a shorter interval, e.g. 3 hrs. 
It also allows you to view wind forecasts in 12 hrs, 24 hrs etc. and a counter to tell the time till next game update. 

Clicking on Navigation will show you a circle around your boat, indication the Polar for the choosen sail, the heading, the TWA and boats speed. 
Clicking the wind arrow on the rim of the circle , will show the 12 and 24hrs distance based on the present wind situation and pulling the arrow it will give a distance indication. 

In the bottom , you will find the information on your boat and actual weather situation, the coordinates and ranking of your boat. 

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