Thursday, 26 May 2011

Volvo Ocean Race Game Beta II Race is Coming

I read an announcement that soon, maybe next week, a Second Race in the Beta player will be organised by VolvoOceanRaceGame.

I have no further details.


I played the Beta already in the 1st Race and thought the player was already without major bugs, and the visual representation was good. The player is easy to play with, but the tools are (still?) very limited compared to the present day Sailing Simulators.

A lot of Good suggestions and other comments have been posted on the Volvo Forum 
I hope and some indications by the Volve game developers were published that a further development of this player will bring some more improvements.

I can not wait till the Start of the VORG Beta II. 

If you like to play, then it is easy:
# if you played the 1st race, then you will be invited automatically again.
##For those that like to try the new Beta VORG player, to test it , to help finding the bugs and to come with some improvements, this is your chance!

This link will give you the chance for a registration VORG Beta registration

Hope to see many in the VORG Beta II Race. 

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