Sunday, 6 May 2012

Camper sneaking through shallow narrow !

I read in the logbook of Camper that they had some exciting moments while passing through a narrow at Anguilla and Scrub island. 
Camper sailed this narrow. 
“Soon after as we passed the Caribbean islands of St Bart’s and St Martin, a small window of opportunity presented itself when the breeze picked up sufficiently for Will Oxley to give the all clear to shoot a relatively small and shallow gap right between Anguilla and Scrub Island, saving us around 5 miles going around the typically Caribbean named Dead Man’s Cay at the northern end of the island.

“Sailing through a 200 metre gap at 21 knots in six metres of water, was a thrill at least, but the question was soon asked just how many signature moves will it take to win this leg,” Hooper said.


With a canting keel of 4.5 M. they must have counted on a flat and most of all clean seafloor without a coral growth :) 
BUT........Camper passed Telefonica again with this action. 

In LiveSkipper, this narrow is indicated as 2 pixels that tough each other in the corners. Some Virtual skippers make it a hobby to sail through these narrows; which is called pixel jumping. 
LiveSkipper make this a pixel-jump 
 Like the anxious moments of Camper crew, in LiveSkipper this pixel-jumps is not without a risk. You have to zoom-in to the maximum and make sure you hit the pixels exactly in the touching point of the corners, else you will see your boat wrecked. 

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