Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Trade winds have been passed and now ........?

The fast sailing in the Trade winds just North of the Equator has come to an halt. Boatspeeds have dropped from the 20+kts to the 12-15 region and with the  weather forecast it could  drop even further.
Sailing nicely in the Tradewinds

It is the same for all boats, so it is still a fierce battle be it that it has become less predictable. It is said that the router software is also puzzled on what to tell the fastest route will be to Miami. I think that could be a blessing as now the real skippers will come foreward and us their experience and maybe even a little gut-feel.
Wind forecasts are swiftly changing so what looks a good route at one point , proofs to be less favorable next update, so that leave room for a lot of guessing, intuition  and a little bit of luck to keep the progress high.

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