Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Leaders VolvoOceanRace passed Cape Horn

Cape Horn is an isolated, empty rock far away from the where people live a comfortable live. Still this Cape indicates for most sailors a kind of releave from the normally harsh sailing conditions in the Southern Ocean, not that the Atlantic cannot be threatening , but still....

Yesterday in a period of 1.5 hrs, the 4 leading Boats , Alvimedica, AbuDhabi, Maphre and Brunel passed Cape Horn and now sailing in the Atlantic.
Dongfeng broke the top of their mast the night before and has to seek shelter via the Beagle channel in Ushuiai, and has to consider what to do next.
SCA has lost thier Fractional Code 0, FR0, the most important sail in the conditions they "enjoy" in the approach to Cape Horn and are loosing pace with the front runners, on top of that a storm front is approaching them that will bring heavy winds and large waves.

Still , this VOR 2014-15 shows far less damages to the Boats as the former VOR, where 5 out of 6 boats had heavy structural damage and needed some repairs before sailing on to Itajai. The VO65 Boat looks a lot better seaworthy than the fragile VO70 boats.

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