Thursday, 12 March 2015

VolvoOceanRace to Start Auckland In-Port Race on Saturday

After some days of rest for the crew and no doubt some maintenance for the Sailing Boats, this Saturday 14th March at 01:00 UTC (14:00 local) the Auckland In-Port race will start.

Parcours for Auckland In-Port Race
As before, You can watch the I-P race live on the internet, via the VOR website or Youtube, VOR channel.

If the timing is not convenient for you, than later you can watch it as well, see the link in my Video page (TAB above)

A day later, [due to a cyclone developing the start of Leg 5 is postponed, possible to Monday 1th 01:00 UTC or even later] the VOR fleet will start the Leg 5 from Auckland to Itajai, Brazil. A new post will give you some more information on that one.

Please be aware that you can apart from following the VO65 Boats, also actively participate in the VOR race in several Virtual Sailing site, e.g. LiveSkipper, VR 

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