Thursday, 7 May 2015

Dongfeng recovers with a Victory in Leg 6 Newport.

In the dark hours of Wednesday evening, Dongfeng won the 6th Leg of the VolvoOceanRace with some 3 mins over AbuDhabi. 

Dongfeng winner Leg 6 m just before Newport

Dongfeng sailed cleverly to a victorious end of this leg, taking the lead some days back around Bermuda and keeping good control on all Boats in the fleet, even during the many wind-shifts and calms. Great work and  Dongfeng have proven, after loosing their mast in the previous Leg, that they are a Great Sailing team.

The results for Leg 6 are: 

1. Dongfeng Race Team, 17d,9hrs,3min,0sec
2. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, 17d,9hrs,6min,25sec
3. Team Brunel, 17d,9hrs,56min,40sec
4. MAPFRE, 17d,10hrs,34min,25sec
5. Team Alvimedica, 17d,14hrs,24min,1secsh
6. Team SCA, 17d,20hrs,59min,8sec.

In the Overall Ranking, it is still AbuDhabi that holds a comfortable lead, but still has not won it all. 

Next event will be the Newport In-Port race on Saturday 16th May and the Start of Leg 7 to Lisbon on Sunday 17th May.

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