Thursday, 21 May 2015

VolvoOceanRace well on its way to Europe.

After an interesting starting circuit, sailed in a nice breeze in Newport waters, the Boats in the VolvoOceanRace are well on their way to Europe, with Lisbon as the Finish location.

VOR Boats in Leg 7 approaching the ice exclusion zone.
Normally the route would be an orthodromic circle from Newport to Lisbon, but so far the Boats are restricted in their route choice by exclusion zones and a rather far southwards stretching ice exclusion zone; see the blueish lines and dot in the image.
This to prevent collisions with possible ice bergs.

After this the route is open, and will have to take account of the Azoren High, that will dominate the eastern Atlantic route.

At this moment, Team Brunel has a nice lead, and approaching as most southerly boat in a South-West wind will  give them a good lead at the passage of the ice-exclusion zone; the differences are still small though with separation of 18Nm. Whether they will be able to hold their lead to Lisbon, is another matter of course.

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