Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Another casualty from the Pacific Ocean conditions

Telefonica reported already some damage and for sure they were carrying out repair works. They did not reveal the seriousness of the damage as to leave the competition question what it was. But the reduced speed, actually indicated already some serious damage.

Now only Telefonica have admitted they have structural damage to the bow and if not repaired will have a risk of loosing their boat upto Itajai.

So now only 2 out of 6 boats are still sailing without any serious damage that needed outside assistance with repairs for this Leg. This put some questions on the table!

When I would have been running my plant with this reliability record, I would have been sacked long time back; and right the company directors would be.

Some serious reliability talks and design changes are needed to make this Volvo Ocean Race a worthy Adventurers Sailing event again. Now it resembles the story of sending the old limping boat to the seas with the intention to collect the insurance money. It is a shame to put the lives of the seamen at such a high risk.

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