Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Valhalla of Sailing

Wind conditions at the moment are such that it is the Valhalla for Sailing a Volvo Ocean racing Yacht in the Southern Pacific.

However the dramatic damage to Sanya Lan , has made the other Boats a little more careful. It is not sailing the  fastest, it is most and for all keeping the Boat in one piece. The location of the 4 front runners is almost the most remote place on the Pacific and  in any disaster it would  be very  difficult to get assistance.

So while conditions would allow a 30kts boats speed , the boat has slowed down to around the 20-22 kts and try to maintain a healthy boat and crew and being  able to finish  this leg.

Sanya Lan, has suspended this leg, but will need a major repair and transporting to Itajai, but rather (as their  statement said) Boston to join the fleet for racing again.
A day back the ruder broke, at a location within the hull and also damaging the hull leaving a hole that filled up the aft compartment with 3-4 Mcub of water. Now they are with an emergency steering, on their way back to New Zealand.

A Brazilain friend of mine, mentioned an interesting blog on VORG,  with his last article pointing to the many Friendships that have evolved in the group of Virtual Sailors all over the World; and he is  right.

It is in Portuguese language but a real sailor needs only half a word to understand ; so a Google translate will be able to get the story to you.

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