Saturday, 31 March 2012

Rounding CAPE HORN in Volvo Ocean Race.

GROUPAMA pass CAPE HORN in the 1st place, with PUMA about 1 hour later.
Groupama rounding Cape Horn. 

This point marks a change in sailing from the Pacific into the Atlantic, for the last 2000 Nm to the Itajai Finish.

Azzam - repair inside the Hull

Azzam also suffered structural damage to their boat; that is 4 out of 6 boats with structural damage.
But they followed a inventive repair at sea to safe time and try to make some progress on other boats in the harbours for repairs.

Azzam - repair outside the Hull.

Some strengthening of the Hull that had deliminated, with stiffening materials and some 30 bolts thru the hull.

I must say I like the outside view better.

Telefonica, most likely fearing the on-water repair of Azzam, have change their repair plan and now are looking for a calm bay in one of the islands on Cape Horn to perform the repair also at sea. As they will get some outsiders help, the stop has to be for minimum of 12 hrs.
With this plan, Telefonica most likely will stay ahead of Azzam, who is sailing again but not that fast considering the local winds.

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  1. Wow, what an amazing adventure! I am planning a cape horn cruise and was looking for a little more information when I stumbled upon this post. What great pictures, it seems like your team had the time of their lives! I doubt I will be racing around Cape Horn, but I am still so excited to be going there!