Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My Virtual LiveSkipper Boat finished in Lisbon.

Along the Volvo Ocean Race, I was also sailing a virtual sailing race in LiveSkipper. With my Boat, I finished Yesterday 4th June around 1400 gmt. 

My LiveSkipper route 
I did follow of more southerly course, caused by a unexpected wind shift during the firsts night and conditions  never were favorite anymore to search the northerly routes. The  southerly route showed not to be the fastest as other skippers in LiveSkipper proofed. 

I also sailed in VORG and finished there early this morning with my Boat Paradise. She sailed a slightly more northerly course, though. The poor scheduling for night time windupdates in the VORG player, made me loose however many miles on wrong sail or not the optimal heading. 

For those VORG sailors that are interested to continue the virtual sailing after VOR has finished, I can recommend to have a look at and make a try with LiveSkipper. This is a Virtual Sailing Simulator with excellent scheduling tools and a better looks at your screen. So no disturbing your night sleep anymore and it offers both short duration Friday races as well as long duration sailing races. 

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