Thursday, 28 June 2012

VOR65 - One Design Monohull is the New Boat for coming VolvoOceanRaces

Volvo 65 ft One-Design

In a press conference today in Lorient Knut Frostad, presented the New Boat that  will be designed , build to be used in the next Volvo Ocean Race editions. 

Main points presented were:
- It was said that Volvo is fully committed to continue support for the  Volvo Ocean Race events.
-the plans developed now are for at least 2 editions of coming VOR.
-the new Boats will be a ONE-DESIGN MONOHULL of 65 ft; this will be the Volvo65 class boat and to be used in next 2 editions of VOR.
- the plan is and Volvo supports this, to have a minimum of 8 participating boats
- the design team Farr Yacht Design will give extra attention to a reliable design for the new boat, that should still be competitive and of high performance. 
- The boat will be build by a consortium of boat builders  to the strict measures of this one design.
- a larger hood over the cabin, to offer and area with protection to the water/wind for media activities
- the boat price will be in the order of 4.5 million $
- the anticipated cost incl. purchase of boat and one race cycle to be around 12-15 million $
- The Crew will be 8 persons plus a media crew member (MCM)
- a full ladies team will be allowed 2 extra ladies.
- some discussion on promotion of younger sailers and sailors from nations will less experience in the team is on-going
- the numbers of sail will be reduced to 7 (from 10 now) , maximum possible furling mechanisms will be included 
- the VOR sailing route to be finalised by 21 dec 2012.
- the first Volvo65 boats to become available mid 2013. 

well that is about it, some details are available on the Volvo Web site soon. 

Isn't it good that I in the mountains in interior Thailand can live follow this press conference in Lorient :?: The communication capabilities nowadays are fantastic.

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