Thursday, 21 June 2012

What comes after the VORG?

Soon the VolvoOceanRaceGame will be over if we have  virtually sailed to Galway in Ireland. 
What  to do with the spare time that comes available if we don't have to sail in VORG???

Well...........I have found a remedy to the addiction to virtual sailing. ! 

Sail in one of the other available Virtual Sailing Simulators on the Web!

Now is the time to start looking into other Virtual Sailing sites. I have been sailing in  different other virtual sailing simulators and for what it is worth, I have make a table with the features, tools, options and capabilities of some 3 virtual sailing simulators. 

this is my Conclusion:
A comparison is made between 3 Virtual Sailing Simulators: LiveSkipper(LS), SailonLine(SOL) and VolvoOceanRaceGame(VORG). The table gives the details, while the verdict is describing some comparisons and favorites items.
LiveSkipper and SailonLine both have a player that provides an “even playing field” for all players, while VORG favours for optimal sailing speed, those players that invest in the extra sails and tools that are included for free in the other players.
On the view of the player screens, (I guess, that depends much on  individual preference,) but LS offers a 3D boat silhouette and the largest player area on the screen. SOL shows always all boats that can hinder the view on the shoreline or wind vanes.
On family friendliness, LiveSkipper beats the others as it has a very good scheduler to set the boat heading and sail selection for extended period. It offers a scheduler even in 2 modes a location and time based mode.
SOL has one (auto) sail only, while LS and VORG offer different sails on top of an auto-sail , which makes the sailing experience more challenging and realistic.
LS offers very good dynamic polar projection and ruler for route exploration, SOL is only giving a 6hrs advance line and VORG is not giving any of these tools, not even VMG like the other two virtual players.
LiveSkipper and Volvo Ocean Race both are offering a Tutorial and a detailed wiki to help in learning and optimizing the sailing experience.
My favorite is LiveSkipper ( as it offers the best sailing tools to optimise your virtual sailing experiences, it is free with same option for all players (even playing field) and with its good scheduler allows a good programmed sailing; to keep Peace in the Family.

The full report and detailed summary of options is available here. 
Comparison of 3 Virtual Sailing Simulator games

I hope to see many VORG sailors in LiveSkipper. If you have any questions, just Ask in the LiveSkipper Forum or chatroom and an answer will come soon. 
There is also a  very detailed LiveSkipper Wiki and for new players in the Beginner mode a Tutorial will be shown when starting your 1st Sailing Race. 

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