Saturday, 7 February 2015

Virtual Sailing with LiveSkipper

Virtual Sailing Simulators have become popular over the last years. Not without the help  of the VolvoOceanRace that offered long time already a Sailing Simulator that mirrored the course of the Real Boats. These virtual sailing simulators do use the real local wind data that is refreshed mostly each 6 hrs, to reflect as close as possible the real actual winds as the VO65 Boats. So if you manage to stay close to the real Boats, you feel almost the challenges, efforts and dangers of the sailors in the VOR, but from the comfort of your armchair and computer screen. 

During last VOR edition, I made a comparison of some virtual sailing players available; the link is also in the TAB "Virtual Sailing Game" above. And though it is old, the main conclusions still hold.

I do prefer by far LiveSkipper , which is a modern free Virtual Sailing Simulator, with a lot of tools, like scheduler, auto-sail, auto-pilot, polar projections and a very informative ruler to optimize your sailing plan. The player that is now used in the official VOR game is from VR, and is somewhat old-fashioned already; some judge its capabilities even below the former VOR game from United Games.

Any way , you may try it out yourself, it is a simple registration and all fro FREE. 

Below is a video of the Liveskipper 9Pack race that happens to finish as well in Sanya, =:)

Enoy while waiting for the Live video of the Sanya In-Port Race

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