Thursday, 12 February 2015

VolvoOceanRace gets very interesting

After the Start of Leg 4 in Sanya it was a little monotonous considering that all Boats sailed almost straight East to the Phillipines to the Luzon straits mark.
Some boats a little faster to the south and some stayed a little more windward at the cost of speed.

Some interesting startegies
Just before the Phillipines, however, SCA and Brunel, suddenly headed almost dead North while the other boats continued straight to the East.

Suddenly , I remembered the bold strategy from Puma in the last edition of the VOR 2011-12: explaining on video, "We have to sail to Auckland, pointing South, but we are sailing North, pointing the opposite direction ? "

Brunel and SCA apparently have seen some favorable winds , coming from the North that will give the northerly boat a speed boost , maybe large enough to let them sail the extra miles at higher speeds to pass the Luzon strait boats.

Risky move, but last time Puma, got 2nd, only to have Groupama got the vicotry in Auckland at the cost of their bow; sailed their boat over the limits and damaged their bow to the extend that they almost got shipwrecked before the finish.

A day later, now, I see that the other boats have followed and now it will be a question as to have Brunel and SCA gained already enough to be able to pass the other boats, who made a clever defending turn.

Lets see in a couple of days what will develop as the winds may also have some unforeseen tricks.

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