Monday, 9 February 2015

VolvoOceanRace, Leg 4..........Auckland here we come.

Yesterday the six Boats in the VolvoOceanRace started Leg 4 from Sanya to Auckland with sailing along a starters circuit.
Guan Lin wishing the Sailor "Fair Winds"
The last buoy to round, was very close to the huge statue named Guan Lin. With a smile on her face, she wished the sailors "fair winds" and "safe sailing".

Team Brunel managed after many lead changes to round the last buoy as leader and set sail to the first Mark in the Luzon straits , Phillipines. 
This will be an upwind stretch of water, where counter currents can cause chopping waves. After the Phillipines it is into the big open Pacific and avoiding later the many tiny islands. It is a long leg, and with the doldrums, risks of cyclones and tradewinds , it has all gradients for an exciting leg.

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