Thursday, 23 June 2011

Cleared the Strait of Hormuz

It some time that I updated but first my internet knocked off for about 48 hrs and then there was not too much to report on the Indian Ocean. 

Coming into the Gulf of Oman things got interesting again. First passing the SE point of the Arabian Peninsula is the Turtle beach of Rass Al Hadd. 

. These are endangered species, so please treat them kindly, better leave them alone. 

The winds got variable in the Gulf of Oman and some sail changes and heading adjustments got the energy out of the crew. This resulted in reduced boat speed and how unnatural for a racing sailor to continue with a less optimal sail just to prevent further boat speed reductions. :(

Now passed the Strait of Hormuz and trying to sail head wind towards the Finish in Abu Dhabi. 

Rank: 323 

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