Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sailing the Indian Ocean

The weather in the Straits of Malacca was variable with mostly weak and variable winds. Large difference in the wind speed in different blocks and even the wind direction could change 180 degree with a wind update. So very intensive study of the wind  in different blocks and for wind updates were required to sail the optimum course. This resulted often in sailing the block borders.

Now I am sailing towards Sri Lanka in far stronger and most welcomed more stable winds. With the strange Crew energy issue there is no problem here as sail changes are not required, while a heading adjustments does not cost that much energy.

I was using the Dutch weather widget, but that one did not show the wind conditions, and for sailing that is the most important weather data. So I went searching of alternatives, which I found and published on the right. 
Typically, the Dutch one, now for Colombo also give the wind conditions. Anyway temporary I will publish both, hope they do not contradict, and you may let me know which one you prefer.

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