Saturday, 18 June 2011

Passed Cape Comorin, India

Last night on the WP's autopilot, I did pass Cape Comorin another milestone on this Beta II race.This is the Southern most point of the Indian peninsula. 

The wind in the coming days looks very stable, as it's the Western Monsoon winds that make the rain come to  India. It is stated that the yearly monsoon always starts in the 1st week on June in Bombay, and I can confirm that it did the years I lived there. 

The Crew has an easy time and I start thinking of selling off some of the Crew energy that for the next two days is hardly required and quickly refilled. Anybody interested in buying some 10% at a time ?

The leaders in this race are in stronger winds and even a better wind angle, so I think not the catch them before the Finish. No problem that takes the tension down and will increase the pleasure of the sailing. 

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