Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sailing again and .... to Singapore

After all the misery with the reduced Crew energy and Boat-speed, all is back to normal again. The game developer has stated that there were some too many options that all reduced the energy and boat-speed levels. I guess they were scared off by so many bad comments that they were re-considering and I understand they have decided not to reduce energy while on auto-sail and auto-angle.

Still this does not explain the large energy drain in my one night!. And I think it is important as this might be a bug, e.g. sailing close to a weather line and auto-sail is constantly changing the sail ??? 

Anyway I will approach Singapore today and that is a pleasant thought. I always liked this city!. 
. It is a pity we can not stop but we will great the lion looking over the Singapore waters. 

It will be very busy with other ship movements around here, so switch on your AIS (if you have one on-board) and look out for the other ship movements. 

Rank had improved to 602, but all the energy drama's has thrown me to far backwards. 

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