Friday, 25 November 2011

Approaching the Finish in Cape Town, South Africa.

On Friday early morning, the Boats are approaching Cape Town form the West. The First Boats, Telefonica and Camper, have less than 1000 Nm while Groupama has still over 1000 Nm to sail. 

Telefonica has the best Chances to the 1st Place, as she is leading the 3 boat fleet and has a location with a better wind angle; thus has a higher Boat-speed. 
However, Iker Martinez said it already, you win only when you have passed the Finish line. 

The image tells it all; PUMA suffered a broken Mast and receives some assistance of a container vessel.

Another victim of a Mast failure. 

PUMA has suffered a mast failure, while sailing in 23kts winds and wave heights of 8-10 ft; for sure not the harsh conditions that these Boats should be able to withstand and which will come to them later on the Southern passage to Cape Horn. Why is 33% of the fleet suffering from Mast failures? Would there not be too much compromise on proper and safe design for these Boats?

A BIG container vessel came to Puma's rescue and transferred some 500 ltr of diesel such that Puma can motor to Tristan de Cunha with some help of the jury rig on about 700 Nm distance. A further plan is made to transport Puma boat to Cape Town for repair. Hopefully the repairs will be in time, to start at the next VOR event: The In-Port Race in Cape Town. 

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