Wednesday, 30 November 2011

VOR In-Port Race Cape Town

The 2nd In-Port Race in this VOR 2011-2012 will be sailing around the harbour of Cape Town. 
The Start will be on Saturday 10th December at 13:00 UTC - 15:00 local.  {this is 24 hours ahead of the Start of Leg 2 !}

This, if all hard work is finished, will be Race between 6 Boats. And a first event again for the 3 boats that had suffered major damage in Leg 1. 
It is almost guarantee for a challenging Race for the  Boats and an exciting spectacle for the visitors. The internet visitors, when not be able to be present, can see the spectacle via the internet. 

A 3-D race tracker is available on the VOR site
also a life video will  be available to follow each minute of this race on Livestream

I think it is amazing how little or none information is given on VOR web-site on starting times of events. Above information I read in a news article on VOR site only. I urge VOR webmaster to put the  starting times on the events,such that clicking on Schedule these can be found. 

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