Thursday, 8 December 2011

Paradise Finished VOR Leg 1 into Cape Town

It is a little late to make this report , but the party at Paradise's arrival was toooo good :)

My total Sailing time was 24 days, 5 hours and 10 minutes. 

What to say, as I Finished in 24376th place; in a fleet of over 100.000 registered boats, that is still in the First quarter. But not Good enough, even not considering I have sail in the principle of The No Money Sailors. 

In the 0$ competition, I finished on the 47th place. It is remarkable that the best Sailor on the basic boat, so without purchase of any addition option, finished in 465th place; that is very good considering that the option sails give upto a 30% higher Boat-speed. I do wonder how much money the winner of this race would have had to pay to get the 1st Podium place ?

What did I learn this race?
- Do not blindly follow the leader in the fleet; I looked at the weather for a short while, looked at some virtual boats and saw Groupama take the West Africa Coastal route. I followed only to discover that I was too late to  catch a wind system and fell in a calm that forced me to change course and lost a lot of places. 
- In the South Atlantic, I made a Southern route which looked promising just after passing Fernando islands.  The St. Helena High got some development and suddenly I though it would be  better to sail North of it. This change in tactics against costed me dearly. So make a route and stick to it, unless........

OK , now preparing my boat for the 2nd Leg that will start Sunday at 1300UTC, from Cape Town to Abu Dhabi. The Leg2 description will soon appear in the TAB above. The Progress Map , also above in the TAB's, will soon also show the marks to round and the Finish location. 

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