Sunday, 11 December 2011

VOR Leg 2 START in Cape Town

A picture of In-Port Race in Cape Town. 

After sailing an exciting In-Port Race in Cape Town harbour , yesterday, it is time to set sail to Abu Dhabi. A video will be available and you can find a link to the Video in the TAB Videos above.  

Today Sunday 11 th December 2011 at 13:00 GMT the 6-Boat Volvo Ocean Race Fleet will START. 

This is not the Start of the Real Boats sailing the Volvo Ocean Race, but also the Start at the  same time for the Virtual Game Volvo Ocean Race Game.

Where the Real Boats have a special arrangement to come to Abu Dhabi, the Virtual Boats will actually sail the whole distance. 

In the Virtual Game you may purchase some options to boost the boatspeed and try to win the Race, BUT.........

there is a group of Players that prefer to sail the basic  boats and as a maximum use the free credits offered in ea ch Leg. The No Money Sailors 
have their own ranking list and communication channels. If the conditions of The No Money Sailors appeal to You, you may contact and request to be registered also. 

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