Sunday, 25 December 2011

CHRISTMAS time on the VolvoOceanRace(Game) Boats


The sailing continues, notwithstanding it is XMas today. The Doldrums is making it not that easy sailing, and that shows as the last days have seen some 3 different leading Boats!

It will all come down , who gets the first out of the Doldrums and picks up the better western winds to the  North of it. 

All boats have now  entered the Stealth zone and it is not possible to track their routes, only the relative positions and distances are shown. 

In  the Virtual boats it is about the same, stuck in a zone with changing but mostly very calm winds. Last night got me stuck for 3 hours at about zero speed, to make some   best of the 5 hrs at a slightly better speed, but not prepared to loose my sleep on it. It was a matter of choice, 3hrs sailing with  3.5 kts speed and 5 hrs of about 0 or 3 hrs zero speed and 5 hrs of 4.3 kts; choice is easy though it does not give the required progress. :( 

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